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CNC lathes | end face Lathe | Lathe | Parameters Features

CNC lathes | end face Lathe | Lathe | Parameters Features
  • CNC lathes | end face Lathe | Lathe | Parameters Features
  • CNC lathes | end face Lathe | Lathe | Parameters Features
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This series of CNC lathe is suitable for machining the end face of car wheels, train wheel, textile accessories, motor cover, and other precision parts. Available high-speed steel or carbide cutting tools to complete a variety of structural steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals external cylindrical surface of the metal and non-metallic material of the workpiece, cones, spheres and various curved surface of the rotator coarse and fine turning, turning to achieve constant linear speed, and can turning metric, inch, modulus and diameter section and other kind of internal and external threads. Machine rigidity, high precision, easy operation, excellent controllability.

Qingdao Minter Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializing in the production (supply) Sales End CNC lathe products, the company has a good reputation in the market, professional sales and technical services team, with many years of experience operating Lathes series machine tool equipment, familiar with and understand the customer demand, good order all kinds of special non-standard machine equipment according to customer demand.

CK64160 end face lathe Technical parameters

Main specifications and technical parameters of the machine

1.1 Main Specifications

1.1.1 Maximum workpiece swing diameter over bed φ1600mm

1.1.2 Maximum workpiece swing diameter over tool rest φ1250mm

1.1.3 The maximum load-bearing spindle chuck 3t

1.1.4 Maximum workpiece length 500mm

1.1.5 Main motor power 11KW

1.1.6 Electrical Machine total capacity of about 20KVA

2.2 The main drive parameters

2.2.1 stepless spindle speeds

2.2.2 Spindle speed range 12 ~ 100r / min

2.2.3 2-speed mechanical gearshift

2.2.4 chuck diameter φ1200mm

Front spindle bearing diameter φ190mm 2.2.5

Turret 2.3 feed parameters

2.3.1 Transverse travel X: 1000mm

2.3.2 Longitudinal travel Z: 500mm

KND CNC system or a wide number of numerical control system

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