6 meters horizontal lathe

6 meters horizontal lathe

Product description:

Heavy horizontal lathe is suitable for casting, steel and nonferrous large and medium-sized parts processing, turning cylindrical bore, grooving, drilling, boring and nesting, and to turning metric, inch , a variety of internal and external thread diameter section modulus and the like are available on the vehicle turret alone cut short conical surface, but also to spend turret turning longitudinal feed with long conical surface. machine power, rigidity, wide speed range , enables high-speed heavy cutting .

Horizontal lathe spindle horizontal arrangement, for rotating the main motion, large turret for longitudinal movement along the bed, can turning various rotary body and external thread, is using a wide range of lathes.

Lathe according to the functions can be further divided into economic type CNC lathe, ordinary CNC lathes and turning centers.