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Heavy horizontal lathe CW61250 (Qingdao Minter)

Heavy horizontal lathe CW61250 (Qingdao Minter)
  • Heavy horizontal lathe CW61250 (Qingdao Minter)
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Heavy horizontal lathe is suitable for casting, steel and nonferrous large and medium-sized parts processing, turning cylindrical bore, grooving, drilling, boring and nesting, and to turning metric, inch , a variety of internal and external thread diameter section modulus and the like are available on the vehicle turret alone cut short conical surface, but also to spend turret turning longitudinal feed with long conical surface. Machine power, rigidity, wide speed range , enables high-speed heavy cutting.

Horizontal lathe spindle horizontal arrangement, for rotating the main motion, large turret for longitudinal movement along the bed, can turning various rotary body and external thread, is using a wide range of lathes.

Lathe according to the functions can be further divided into economic type CNC lathe, ordinary CNC lathes and turning centers.

(1) Cheap horizontal lathe: CNC lathes Simple stepper motors using the microcontroller on the turning lathe and feed system reform after the formation of a low cost, automation and functionality than the poor, turning accuracy is not. high, suitable for less demanding rotational parts turning.

(2) ordinary horizontal lathe: turning formed according to the requirements of the structure is designed with universal CNC system CNC lathe CNC system function is strong, the degree of automation and precision is relatively high, for general rotational parts. Turning This horizontal CNC lathe can simultaneously control two axes, namely the x-axis and z-axis. Turning Center

(3) Horizontal machining center lathe: CNC lathes in general, based on the increase in the C-axis and the power head, more advanced machine also comes with the magazine, can control the X, Z, and C axes, linkage control axis can be (X, Z), (X, C) or (Z, C). With the addition of C-axis and milling power head, this CNC lathe processing greatly enhanced, in addition to possible general turning, but also can radial and axial milling, surface milling, the centerline hole and radial holes are not part of the rotation center of drilling and other processing.

The main structure:

Machine bed as separate structure, divided into the workpiece bed and turret bed, so that the machine was to get the best stress state, deformation work bed produced no effect on the turret bed, reduce the cutting shock of the bed box and tool carrier interaction, improve the seismic capacity and working precision machine tools. turret bed rail mounted retractable stainless steel shield, the workpiece is equipped with bed rail segment shield.

Headstock spindle wear shaft structure, using high-precision adjustable radial clearance of the double row cylindrical roller bearings, optimized design using a larger diameter spindle and the best support span, improved spindle rotation accuracy and dynamic , static rigidity. Top spindle with short taper flange structure, improve the rigidity in connection with the top of the spindle.

. Turret horizontal and vertical are closed hydrostatic guideway constant lateral ball screw, vertical hydrostatic worm - worm gear teeth of the female deputy or imported high-precision grinding tooth surface hardening and double gear - rack drive, which improves the precision toolholder movement, smooth transmission and high transmission efficiency.

Tailstock for the overall box-type structure, with high precision spindle sleeve of adjustable radial sectional gap double row cylindrical roller bearings, leading to a short handle support flange structure, the tailstock with high rigidity. Sleeve tube and tailstock are motorized and automatically tighten or loosen, and equipped with a hydraulic force measuring device.

Technical Features:

Machine main drive by a DC motor drive, the mechanical shift two steps to achieve the spindle speed range.

Siemens CNC system or FANUC system, and optionally other CNC system by the user.

According to user needs, can provide milling and boring spindle indexing functions and the feed function, can cut inside grinding, coolant devices, machine tool equipment, workpiece size automatic detection devices, static center frame, machine set iron conveyor Wait.


This series machine is suitable for carbide, ceramics and other tools, ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and some non-metallic parts of the cylindrical surface, conical surface, face, convoluted, grooving, threading, boring, etc. roughing and finishing.