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Lathe bulk properties

Lathe bulk properties
  • Lathe bulk properties
  • Lathe bulk properties
  • Lathe bulk properties
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Minter bulk lathe outstanding advantages: I produced the latest bulk lathe has the following characteristics:
The bulk of the lathe is widely used in machining industries, suitable for medium, large, heavy workpieces cutting, to complete high-speed cutting and heavy duty cutting.
Can complete a variety of materials such as : machining of metal, plastic, cast iron, graphite castings, steel castings, flanges, stainless steel and other artifacts of cylindrical, bore, face and other cutting processes.

* Spindle system rigidity, can be used for roughing, finishing, can proceeds heavy cutting, high processing efficiency.
* Headstock gear structure, stable rotation, gear through precision grinding, low machine noise, smooth transmission, and high precision of the workpiece, eating large knife .
* Base and bed rails are made of rectangular structure, good stability, easy to operate.
* High power motor to ensure adequate knife to eat the amount of equipment .
* The main rail machine uses super audio quenching, so that the machine accuracy is more stable, longer life.
* Elegant appearance, the overall layout of symmetry coordination.