Heavy horizontal lathe / Qingdao Minter machine CG61160

Heavy horizontal lathe / Qingdao Minter machine CG61160

Product description:

CW61160-6000 heavy duty horizontal lathe


Heavy horizontal turning lathe main work can assume a variety of possible turning various parts of the end face, cylindrical, cone and other technology three-spindle support structure, with good rigidity;. Using side chip, convenient Chip Machine tool also has a separate oil pump, forced lubrication, and fast-moving, insurance, and other terminal functions. tailstock movement using motorized mobile devices. speed, feed rate and power characteristics rational design, can satisfy the needs rough finish. Machine has a rigid, high efficiency, energy saving, safe, reliable, easy to operate and attractive appearance and other characteristics.

The main technical parameters

Maximum workpiece swing diameter over bed Φ1600 mm

Maximum workpiece length between centers 6000 mm

Maximum workpiece swing diameter on the turret Φ1250mm

Bed rail width 1400 mm

Workpiece weight between centers 20T

Front spindle taper Metric 40

Spindle through-hole diameter Φ100 mm

Axle shaft bearing bore diameter Φ300 mm

Spindle speed (mechanical six-speed) 10 ~ 100r / min

Φ1400 mm diameter chuck

Longitudinal feed rate 0 ~ 3000mm / min

Infeed amount 0 ~ 3000mm / min

Maximum lateral stroke 800mm turret

Small skateboard maximum longitudinal travel 300mm

Maximum vertical travel 6000mm turret

Portrait of fast moving turret 3000 mm / min

Turret fast moving laterally 3000 mm / min

Tool-sectional dimension (using pressure plate turret) 80 * 80 mm

Tailstock spindle taper hole diameter is 105mm

Tailstock sleeve diameter 300mm

Tailstock quill stroke 300 mm

Main motor power 37 KW

Leavened board speed motor power 2.3 KW

Tailstock speed motor power 2.2 KW

Lubricating oil pump motor power 0.55 KW

Three width guide are 160mm / 260mm / 160mm

Overall dimensions 9500 * 1700 * 2000

Machine total weight equal to about 36 tons

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