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CW61200 heavy bedroom lathe

CW61200 heavy bedroom lathe
  • CW61200 heavy bedroom lathe
  • CW61200 heavy bedroom lathe
  • CW61200 heavy bedroom lathe
  • CW61200 heavy bedroom lathe
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Unit price: 57777 CNY  (8397.58 USD)
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Qingdao Minter Machine Manufacture Co. ( supply ) Sales Lathes Series , The company has a good reputation in the market ,

Professional sales and technical service team , With years of experience in business Lathes series machine tool equipment , Familiar with and understand the needs of customers, good

Purchase a variety of special non-standard machine equipment according to customer demand.

Minter Machine Tool Plant Lathes standard configuration model is divided into C6010 ( turn around 1 Meter) , C6016 ( turn around 1 Meter 6 ) , C6018 ( turn around 1

M 8), C6020 (rotary 2 meters), C6025 (swivel 2.5 m), C6030 (rotary 3 meters), C6035 (swivel 3.5 m),

C6040 (turn around 4 M) CNC Lathes model is divided into: CK6010, CK6016, CK6018, CK6020, CK6025, CK6030

Standard horizontal lathe model is divided into: CW61125 (can be extended according to customer demand artifacts), CW61160, CW61200, CW61250.

CW61300. CNC horizontal lathe model is divided into: CK61125, CK61160, CK61200, CK61250, CK61300 And so on are based on customer

Different requirements of the workpiece to change the configuration, processing length can reach one meter -20 meters, you can also install digital display equipment company in the country

Country are sold, please contact our Manager Hu consultation: 137-9243-5688 Manager Hu.

Now the company launched a new CNC lathe landing, good quality, high-precision, high-profile, large knife to eat, good stability, strong steel.

Reasonable structure, quality and cheap.

Company perennial with standard Lathes, lathe bulk of inventory and stock, can be on-site commissioning.

support hotline: 15966801555 Manager Hu

Our philosophy: quality forged brand, integrity achievements of the future, services connect you and me, we adhere to the scientific development, innovation and continuous improvement

We committed to providing customers with better landing lathe, the bulk of lathe equipment.

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