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CG61200 heavy-duty horizontal lathe

CG61200 heavy-duty horizontal lathe
  • CG61200 heavy-duty horizontal lathe
  • CG61200 heavy-duty horizontal lathe
  • CG61200 heavy-duty horizontal lathe
  • CG61200 heavy-duty horizontal lathe
Product code: 25463600001
Unit price: 57777 CNY  (8417.52 USD)
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Qingdao Ming machine tool manufacturing, Ltd specializing in the production of ( Supply ) Sales floor lathe series , The company has a good reputation in the market ,

Professional team of sales and technical services , With a ground lathe machine operating for many years experience , Knowledge and understanding of customer needs, to be good at

Ordering various non-standard equipment according to customer demand.

Ming Tai machine factory standard floor lathe models are divided into C6010 ( Rotary 1 M) C6016 ( Rotary 1 Here metres 6 ) , C6018 ( Rotary 1

M 8), C6020 (rotation 2 m), C6025 (Rotary 2.5 meters), C6030 (Rotary 3 m), C6035 (rotating 3.5 metres),

C6040 (Rotating 4 M) NC lathe models include: CK6010, CK6016, CK6018, CK6020, CK6025, CK6030

Standard-duty horizontal lathe models include: CW61125 (according to the customer needs lengthening of the workpiece), CW61160, CW61200, CW61250.

CW61300. CNC horizontal lathe models include: CK61125, CK61160, CK61200, CK61250, CK61300 According to the customer

Different requirements to change the configuration of the workpiece, processing length can be up to 1 m-20 m or installing digital, our equipment in the country

All sales, please contact our managers for consultation: 15966801555 Hu.

Company launches new type of NC lathe, high quality, high precision, high pressure, large amount of engagement, good stability, strong steel.

Reasonable structure, high quality and low price.

Company perennial with standard floor lathe head lathe inventory and cash, field test.

Tel: 159-6680-1555 Hu

Our philosophy: quality creates brand, integrity of future success, service connection, you, me, we adhere to the scientific development, innovation, and continuous improvement

Is committed to providing customers with better face lathe, large head lathe equipment.

Because the professional excellence! use good equipment, I'd choose Ming Tai face lathe! high quality and low price! super low price! high quality service

Company Web site: http://www.qdmingtai.CN htpp:// www.qdmtjc.com