C6025 face lathe | Supply long face lathe

C6025 face lathe | Supply long face lathe

Product description:

Here are some characteristics of floor type lathe

Structural characteristics

Floor lathe spindle box and feed box structure, suitable for processing large-diameter, length of the workpiece, use high speed steel or carbide tools for steel, cast iron and light alloy parts machined and finished cylindrical bore, face, cone, grooving, cut thick, precision lathe. In terms of structure, floor lathe similar to GB C60 series lathes, face lathe has its deficiencies-the weight of large workpieces can do. But because of the C60 series solid body is face lathe to work stably for a long time in a variety of harsh environments, while maintaining high accuracy, only in the use of universal lathe by further close to the lathe.

Characteristics of price

This feature is mainly for machining large diameter flange plate and central parts. For large diameter disc 2000mm-3000mm in diameter and ring machining, lathe was very difficult, more manufacturers to adopt vertical lathe. State car cost is too high, face lathe price/performance advantage was reflected. This show especially characteristic in foreign trade, but currently work and design features also does not conform to aesthetic characteristics of foreign customers.

Performance characteristics

Siamese face lathe excellent performance, according to a survey can basically do ' parking stop, three shifts per day. But the premise is the need to follow the instructions for maintenance in a timely manner. And for rough machining knife can reach 3 or so, optimum design of the transmission system greatly reduce the failure rate of the machine, and special handling of gear system with more damping torque can be transferred to each axis, Axis forces, and protects teeth. Siamese face lathe will be listed below the main performance index

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