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CW6018 Digital Lathes | Lathes Introduction

CW6018 Digital Lathes | Lathes Introduction
  • CW6018 Digital Lathes | Lathes Introduction
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Here are some of the features on floor-lathe

Structural features

Lathes main shaft box and feeding box piece structure, suitable for large processing diameter, short length of the workpiece, the available high-speed steel or carbide tools for steel, cast iron and light alloy parts for processing, to be completed cylindrical, The inner hole, face, cone, grooving, cutting and other coarse, fine turning on the structural characteristics similar to GB Lathes C60 series lathe, and floor lathe has its deficiencies - large workpiece weight powerless but because C60 series uses solid body is capable of landing lathe long time stability in a variety of harsh environments, while maintaining high accuracy, but in the use of further closer to the original universal lathes Lathes.

Features of the price

This feature is mainly for the processing of large diameter flange plate in terms of class and ring type parts for the processing of large-diameter disk diameter and cyclo Parts of 2000mm-3000mm, using horizontal lathe is very difficult, more manufacturers using a vertical lathe. But Li vehicle cost is too high, so the landing lathe cost advantage is manifested. This feature in foreign trade show particularly prominent, but the domestic current level of workmanship and design features are also not in line with overseas aesthetic characteristics of customers.


Lathes outstanding performance piece, according to the survey basically can do 'people stop non-stop, day doing three shifts'. But the prerequisite is to carry out timely maintenance in accordance with the instructions. And for roughing machining of cut up to three or so optimize the design of the transmission system greatly reduces the failure rate of the machine, and special gear systems can be treated more damping torque is transferred to the respective shaft, the shaft portion by force, thereby protecting the tooth portion. The following column the key performance indicators of Siamese Lathes

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