Shandong's largest split floor lathe CW6050 (Minter, Ltd.)

Shandong's largest split floor lathe CW6050 (Minter, Ltd.)

Product description:

Shandong's largest CW6050 Lathes series is mainly used for:

Turning a variety of mechanical parts, such as tire mold, large-diameter pipe flange plate, turbine parts, seal top, widely used in manufacturing petrochemicals, heavy machinery, automobile manufacturing, mining and railway equipment and aviation parts. Spindle with six stalls variable speed spindle system rigidity, can be heavy cutting, high efficiency, the base and the use of bed rails connecting structure, easy to operate, elegant appearance, the overall layout of the symmetry coordinate.

Split Lathes

Lathes split mainly with respect to the piece Lathes, there are hours of body Lathes, also known as the pit lathe. But now split lathe with respect to early pit lathes have been greatly improved and now the machine stable and accuracy has been significantly improved, reduce the cost, increase the mechanical properties, but the purchase cost increases. Split floor lathe headstock and feed box separate structure, so that the machine get the best stress state, reducing the two parts interaction between the anti-vibration capability and work to improve the accuracy of the machine. large swing diameter workpieces apply.

CW6050 Lathes technical parameters

Main motor power: 37KW

Dimensions: 6000 * 6000mm

Precision: Precision

Max length: 1000mm

The maximum machining diameter: 4700mm

Maximum turning diameter: 5000mm

Spindle speed stages: 6

Spindle through-hole diameter: 300mm

For industry range: General

Unit Weight: 40,000 kg

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