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High-quality PVC line trunking H25 * W25 | Cable trunking | Gray trunking | Cable tray | Cable distribution slot

High-quality PVC line trunking H25 * W25 | Cable trunking | Gray trunking | Cable tray | Cable distribution slot
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  • Brand: Wu An
  • Model: 2525

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Baby description 6 7

Name: trunking

Specifications: High 25 * Width 25

Single length: 2M (Link price for easy calculation for 1M price)

Structure: by the bottom of the groove and the two parts of the slot, the bottom slot on both sides set out the hole

Features 1: the base of the two sides of the outlet holes are aligned with each other, each saw or connected to the L-type can keep the surface beautiful, neat

Features 2: slot cover with a special design, combined with the base never fall off, and the joint surface is smooth, not cut off and wipe near the wiring

Features 3: outlet hole low, easy combination, easy to disassemble, easy wiring.

Note: the specifications of the wiring harness after the combination of the external high, wide can be considered standard

Trunking 2020 2525 3020 3025 5020 These five kinds of bottomless, others are

The other can be customized fine teeth, fully enclosed, not open and other specifications, but also cut 1 m 7 and other special requirements of length

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