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Bell Automatic Bell School School bell 220v12-inch bells Bells bell instrument bells

Bell Automatic Bell School School bell 220v12-inch bells Bells bell instrument bells
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Changdian
  • Model: cast iron bell

The following is a bell instrument description:

First, function and use

This product can be used as factory, school and institution to control the bell automatically according to the time set by the user.If equipped with the corresponding language film, it can also be used as the voice prompt of the schedule in the home and office to realize the automatic, timely and accurate warning. effect.

Second, the characteristics

1, can directly control the bells (touching the bell touch capacity 10A);

2, the daily travel error and the bell error is less than 0.5 seconds;

3, a day can be set up 20 bell;

4, liquid crystal display, Chinese interface, easy to install;

5, ringing time by day or week cycle.

6, Bell delay time adjustable from 1 second to 99 seconds;

7, the bell interval of 1 minute to 99 minutes adjustable;

8, with a manual bell function.

Third, regular bell settings

1, adjust the clock:

Press the 'clock' key and then press the 'school week' key, 'school' key, 'calibration' key, respectively, the above time parameters can be adjusted according to the standard.

2, Bell time parameter settings:

2.1, the bell time setting:

Press the 'Timing' key and the LCD will show '1 On' (the first set of bells can be set to prompt), press the 'Time' and 'Calibration' keys to set the time parameters, such as time After setting parameters, and then set the parameters required for the week.

2.2, week parameter settings:

Press the 'school week' key there are several situations to choose from:

① single-day setting: (one or two or three ... ... or day)

② one three five

② two four six

④ Six days

⑤ one or two

⑥ four hundred fifty-six

⑦ one two three four five

⑧ twelve three four five six

⑨ one two three four five five days

If you want to ring the device to work for seven days a week, you can choose the first ⑨ kind of situation, and so the other. If you need to reset can be pressed 'Cancel Restore' key to set the opening time display '

3, Bell delay time, interval time setting:

3.1, to be '1 on', '2 open' ... ... '20 open' set is completed, then continue to press 'timing' key then the display appears 'H10', then press the 'calibration' key to adjust Bell delay time (1 ~ 99 seconds adjustable), if not adjust the default is 10 seconds.

3.2. When the delay time is set, press the 'TIMING' key again, and the display will show '45'. At this time, you can adjust the interval by adjusting the "CALIBRATION" button (adjustable within 1 ~ 99min ), If not adjusted, the default interval of 45 minutes.

When the above setting is completed, press the 'clock' key to enter the set working state.

4. When the above parameters are set, if no key is pressed within 30 seconds, the LCD will resume the standard time. If you continue to set bell parameters, you can press the 'Timing' button again to adjust it. Required parameter position.

Fourth, the working status display

Working status display:

Ringing device to join the work of power, the work of red light-emitting indicator light: If the bell is in working condition, the green light-emitting indicator light.

5, manual ringing control

If you want to manually ring the bell, press the 'Manual' button, so that the LCD triangle prompt from the 'automatic' to 'open' position, this time working status of the green light, that bell is already in working condition. If you want to stop the bell, you can press the 'Manual' button to adjust the LCD triangle prompt from the 'On' position to the 'Auto' or 'Off' position, the bell delay time can be controlled manually When the bell is set with the delay time is independent of the bell.) In the automatic control must be triangular prompt to the automatic position.

Sixth, performance indicators

1, the standard operating voltage: 220V / 50Hz +10%

2, switching capacity: resistive 10A;

3, power consumption: <2VA

4, 20 sets of bell set;

5, 1 second to 99 seconds adjustable bell delay time;

6, 1 minute to 90 minutes bell interval adjustable;

7, the working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃;

8, Overall dimensions: 126 × 88 × 51.

7, wiring methods and shape installation dimensions

Eight, precautions

1, in order to prevent strong current contact heating, wiring must be tightened on the screw terminal, and make the work of the bell and bells not too close;

2, the bell controller input power can only access AC220 power supply, not AC380V power supply;

3, if the bell to open a day of the time did not open, or are open after the relevant time has not yet closed, it may be because the timing settings of the 'week' did not adjust the time to ring in the bell set Introduction to the method of inspection or re-adjustment;

4, If you confirm the 'ringing' on time, bell delay time, bell interval time are correct, but the switch should not open the time to open up, or should not be shut off, please check the Set the time to turn on or not set the time in accordance with the situation is not without overlap, or are due to the elimination of the remaining groups of bells time is not removed (Note: switch time display '' said the elimination, do not think '00: 00' Eliminate), can be set to eliminate the bell at regular intervals.

Bell Description:

First, the scope of application
This product is no spark, for industrial and mining enterprises, organizations, public places schools and equipment supporting the AC 50HZ, the voltage to 220V the following circuit, for call or notification signal, also applies to the family for the doorbell, alarm And so on.

Second, the normal working conditions:

1. Altitude of not more than 2000 meters

2. Ambient humidity is not higher than +40 degrees and not less than - 25 degrees relative humidity of not more than 90% (when the temperature at +25 degrees)

3. In the surrounding air, no flammable and corrosive gases or conductive dust and no significant shake and shock vibration of the environment.

4. Rated voltage ± 10% can work normally, continuous work is not more than 10 minutes.

5. Pollution level 2, installation category II.

Diameter mm
Current ≤ mA
Power VA