The new Starbucks cups | cup double stainless steel liner insulation | Material food grade quality assurance

The new Starbucks cups | cup double stainless steel liner insulation | Material food grade quality assurance

Product description:

Capacity: 401-500ml Structure: double Item: Customer Showcase 06
Material: Stainless steel Origin: Yongkang Price group: 10-20 yuan
Is there a patent: Yes Shape: Round For people: Lovers
Occasions for gifts: Advertising promotions Style: Starbucks Category: Insulation Cup
Brand: Ao Bona Function: leakproof seal Time to market: 2013 spring

This paragraph Starbucks cup 500 number from the company exclusive advertising can customize your paper (black lid spot wholesale)

Product Name: Ao Bona accompanying cup

Capacity: 420ML

Dimensions: height cup covers: 17.5CM

Scope: all kinds of business gifts

Cup Weight: 242G

Packing: 50

Packing Volume: 16KG

Packing size: 46 * 46 * 40

Product Description: For customization, please contact us.

Dosing cups less than 500 advertising paper costs 350 yuan

If you have further questions, please call contact us: 0579-85128760 13757923195

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1: When the lid open with a small mouth to drink water, the water temperature is not too high, so as not to burn

2: before using clean cups, but preferably not the whole cup submerged in water

3: Do not wash the cup with a hard clean ball clean, so as not to scratch the surface, affecting the appearance

4: Avoid dropping or strong impact collision, will cause the cup body deformed, broken affect product efficacy.

5: Do not join the cup is easy to produce carbonated drinks and other high-pressure liquid, do not add soy sauce, soup and other liquids containing salt ingredient to avoid cup mentioning corrosion

6: When cleaning with a mild detergent in warm water to clean, do not use alkaline bleach chemical rags and other cleaning agents

7: After loading milk and other perishable beverages, please drink and wash as soon as possible in order to avoid deterioration of decay but within

8: To prevent the generation of odor or stains, clean after use a clean and sufficiently dried

I plant specializing in the production of Starbucks cups, plastic cups, stainless steel cup, mug, auto mug, office cup, pots and other similar sports cup, to undertake new and old customers to exit the cup (by BPAfree materials testing, LFGB detect export according to customer requirements, FDA, SGS, ROHS, GB and other testing), buy cups, commemorative, souvenir mugs, cups activities, prizes, gifts Cup, the major celebration gifts, corporate units with a cup, and according to customer required text and graphics printed flag enterprises and institutions, LOGO, etc;

Ordering Information === ===

1, this is the dimension of the price, details, please contact the sales price, different printing a number of different capacities at different prices, large price advantages;
2, send samples Samples must pay a fee, the next single after the sample fee refund;
3, Our payment: confirmation samples, signed a production contract, pay 30% deposit, pay the balance before delivery;
4. To print, please provide accurate AI format documents as well as international PANTONE color card.
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