Mug wholesale | factory direct stainless steel mug | Yongkang Cup | Taobao small amount of wholesale

Mug wholesale | factory direct stainless steel mug | Yongkang Cup | Taobao small amount of wholesale

Product description:

Color: red, yellow, blue, blue-gray Capacity: 360ML, 500ML Item No: yy-348
Material: Stainless steel Printed LOGO: can Custom processing:
Price group: 10-20 yuan Origin: Yongkang Are there patents: No
Stainless steel: 304 inside and outside Brand: Far-cup pot industry Time to market: 2013 summer
Property: Property Value

Yuanye Cup LOGO printing technology industry mainly has the following three kinds:
1. screen - a variety of colors with a special printing process printed pattern and text you want, can be printed on need, marks a clear, bright colors, cost color-meter, is the most used printing processes.
2. Thermal transfer - according to customer requirements and design production of thermal transfer film, by pressing the pattern is transferred to the surface, improve product quality.
3. Laser marking - stainless steel parts of the body in the cup with a laser etched pattern and text, a single color, patterns and text can not be worn, mainly for stainless steel cups and other materials cup.

(Procurement process)
1. Telephone consultation to discuss
Please record after you see our products under product number, and then tell us your sourcing needs, such as: Order Quantity, LOGO and text requirements, whether invoicing, arrival time, etc. Our sales staff will according to your request give you a quote, to answer some of your questions.
2. The products look like set-like
After consultation and negotiation, you already have a clear demand for our products, in order to further understand the choice of products, you can contact the sample or to buy my company look like.
3. Product ordering contract
After confirmation of the sample, we need both parties signed a contract for the sale, according to the contract for you.
4. Design draft and proofing confirm
After signing the contract of sale, in order to ensure product quality, our custom product or customer requirements LOGO word processing, we require you to confirm our design renderings or actual samples, and then the next single to mass production. (Requires sign renderings, Confirmation samples proofing).
5. Production
Renderings, confirmed after samples proofing, we can rest assured that arrangements for production.
6. Customer Acceptance of payment
After the completion of the production, we took a large sample product photo to you to confirm, you can also ask us to send samples to your acceptance.
7. delivery or on behalf of the consignor
After acceptance of the product that you can pick your own, you can also ask us to give you on behalf of the consignor (on behalf of the consignor no additional fees).

* Added open water should not be too full, the addition of excess water will overflow screw on the lid, there is risk of burns.
* Put the child out of the reach of the Department, in order to avoid burns.
* Should be added to hot beverages to avoid burns, due to heat, adding hot beverage cup outer body and no heat.
* Avoid tipping, falling, collision and impact strength, otherwise it will cause distortion of the cup, and decreased insulation effect.
* Do not vacuum mug by adding the following substances:
1) Dry ice, carbonated beverages, etc. (internal pressure will cause the lid can not be opened or cup liquid discharge).
2) soy sauce, soup, salt or corrosive substances. Avoid direct heat in any form.
* Do not use alkaline bleach, metal agents, chemical rags and other cleaning.
* Do not use for other purposes in addition to beverages insulation, cold functions.
* Do not place near the fire, etc. As for the stove, otherwise it will cause deformation of the resin portion of the color, the insulation effect is reduced.