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Manufacturers supply custom printed gifts advertising Cup | Double stainless steel purple glasses wholesale | Promotional gift Cup

Manufacturers supply custom printed gifts advertising Cup | Double stainless steel purple glasses wholesale | Promotional gift Cup
  • Manufacturers supply custom printed gifts advertising Cup | Double stainless steel purple glasses wholesale | Promotional gift Cup
Product code: 25458100001
Unit price: 21-35 CNY
Reference price: 3.05-5.08 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Capacity: 301-400ml, 401-500ml Construction: double Item no: yy-312
Material: stainless steel Price: 20-30 Origin: Yong Kang
Shape: round Is there a patent: no For gift-giving occasions: advertising
Style: Classic Category: vacuum flask Brand name: OEM
Features: insulation Time to market: the summer of 2013

Printing available: screen printing laser hot transfer printing

Print process descriptions:

1. Silk screen printing -Using a special printing process printed the pattern and the text you want, can be required to be printed on a variety of colors, marks a clear, bright colors, the cost in terms of color, is the most commonly used printing process.
2. Heat transfer printing -According to the customer request design manufacture of heat transfer film, by pressing pattern transfer to surface, improve product quality, but the cost is too high, LOGO color 500, if a LOGO in four-colour, sedan 2 kilograms, in addition to spending mode and printing costs, it is generally less of thousands not to do such a process.
3. Laser marking -Stainless steel parts of the body using laser etching patterns and words, colors, patterns, and text will not be worn, mainly applied to materials such as stainless steel mug Cup

4: Paper jam printing Double Cup paper jam printing of advertising, this is not required, is 350, 500 sheet of poster paper, cardboard advertising Cup more than 500 exemption from costs, plus 350 500 ad fee for paper jam!

Other issues!

1) whether open invoices:
2) able to OEM:
3) can print advertising:

4) customize how long: screen printing 3-4 day shipping free style, laser print 1-2 day shipping, custom 7-15 day shipping.
5) q: what may have a slight smell of plastic?
Answer: Because the production duties, we basically are a produce delivery. New plastic will inevitably have some odor does not evaporate. Received the goods need to be boiled, or tea can.
6) asked: why some look almost gift Cup are cheaper than us?
Answer: Look all the same quality may not be the same, in materials, workmanship, details vary greatly, we are the professional manufacturer of gift Cup. In addition to the guarantee of quality and service, we focused more on every detail of the gift Cup, make your gift more face with more confidence.

(About us)

Manufacturers direct, professional production and set (set) business various enterprise with of advertising gift Cup, promotions gift Cup, celebration gift Cup and business gift Cup, company enterprises with Cup and can according to customer requirements printing Shang by needed of text and pattern, print logo 1 a up (version fee another is), can custom personality gift packaging box (600 a up set, version fee another is)

1: custom description: Advertising Cup logo and text provided by the ordering party, company designers typeset production pass through the ordering party after confirmation can be printed.

2: time Description: Custom number of less than 1000 advertising Cup, printed logo in about 2 days, but the factory needs to exhaust a single production, determine good customers as early as possible under a single, flexible.

3 : We are guided by the principle of good faith transactions.For our friends to provide pre-sale, after-sales service, professional design, patient answer until you are satisfied, we have been negligent, we assume, not to shirk its responsibility, customer is at fault, we try to reduce losses, quality and keep credibility.

4 : In a word: Communication problems, I do not solve the problem.

5: pre-Description: Identify logo design. Both parties determine transaction prices, customers take the link and after payment, we start printing.

6: logistics Description: This products not including freight, national customer unified select logistics shipping freight to pay (please members customer assured, express to pay compared your of, and logistics first pay and to pay are is as of price) logistics of costs and time for to and on the, freight according to logistics company of actual charged price for associate, we will selected freight cheap reasonable of logistics company, general logistics costs Shi actual payment of 1%-5% around.

7: the sample description: To not disturb the market order, United wholesale supply, distribution, customer need samples, pay for samples cost and shipping cost, please contact customer service QQ:61761653.

8: sign Description: Amount of logistics companies were lost in transit, please customer receipt with a confirmation number sign, such as missing, refused to sign, and get in touch with us, we will deal with. Such as a sign, if there is a problem we can do about it, signed on behalf of others as a sign, I hope our customers understand.

(Mug considerations):

1, avoid impacts and falls to avoid broken mug, effect of thermal insulation performance.

2, do not put it next to the heat source, so as not to affect function.

3, at the place where child can't touch, to avoid burns.

4 do not put the Cup directly into the microwave.

5, do not add dry ice and carbonated beverages tend to generate high pressure of liquids, do not add soy sauce, soup and other liquids in order to avoid pot containing adult salt corrosion.

6, after mount perishable beverages such as milk, drink as soon as possible after cleaning in order to avoid deterioration and rot inside.

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Customer service QQ: 61761653