polypropylene BN-zd16

polypropylene BN-zd16

Product description:


  • BNZD16 is one kind of polypropylene sheet which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high dielectric strength. It conforms to the EU ROHS instruction and strict UL safe code. It is widely used in the joint insulation and shielding of power supply, electric insulation, TV/ screen, business machines and so on. . Simultaneously, it has the outstanding properties of wet resistance and mechanical property.

  • RTI temperature?115?

  • Flame retardant rating UL94V-0 & VTM-0

  • high insulation property

  • High Tensile Yield from Transverse and machine direction

  • Application

  • Insulation for power supply

  • Insulation between PCB and outer case

  • Insulation between inductor, resistor, capacitor and other spare parts

  • Where high dielectric breakdown voltage is needed

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