polycarbonate BN-FP\FP65

polycarbonate BN-FP\FP65

Product description:


BN-FP/ FP65 is one kind of antiflaming polycarbonate sheet which is black, odourless and chloride-free. The UL94 fire protection level Can reach V-0?0.25mm-0.5mm??VTM-0?0.1mm-0.2mm?. It possesses the advantages of outstanding mechanical properties, stable size and thermal endurance. This sheet material is suitable for the joint insulation and shielding of power supply, electric insulation, TV/ screen, business machines and so on.

RTI temperature ?130??0.25mm-0.5mm??80??0.1mm-0.2mm?

UL94V-0 & VTM-0 Flame retardant rating UL94V-0&VTM-0 grade

high insulation property

High Tensile Yield from Transverse and machine direction

No contain bromine and chlorine element


Insulation for power supply

Insulation between PCB and outer case

Insulation between inductor, resistor, capacitor and other spare parts

Where high dielectric breakdown voltage is needed.

You can also buy a roll

(930MM*186M*0.43MM/ 89.3KG)

(930MM*322M*0.25MM/ 89.3KG)

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