650w mini hand circle saw

650w mini hand circle saw

Product description:

Power Source:
Rated Input Power:
Wood Saw
Rated Voltage:
No-Load Speed:
Max. Cutting Depth:

Product Description

Main functions:
Random with six kinds of saw blade for wood plank, electrician alloy pipes, bricklayer ceramic tile, marble, ceramic, organizers metal steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, circuit board materials such as acrylic plate cutting and chamfering, can be said to be the universal saw cut class

A, the product of the technical advantage:
1. The design of the switch on the phone, because saw kind of product can not be set self-locking switch, this switch is the most appropriate action
2. Because of the base plate chamfering, so for cutting pipes, Angle steel and other artifacts with Angle or arc more accurate.
3. The outer carbon brush, convenient to replace carbon brush
4. Cover with automatic reset security button, home safer
5. The head band saw blade lock, it is more convenient to remove the saw blade
6. With automatic recovery protection, soft start and motor soft start: slow start protecting users their own safety. Motor automatic recovery protection: can make the machine in normal work effectively the growth of life
7. With six different saw blades, cutting more functions
8. 27 mm, maximum ability to cut the same products cutting capacity is the largest

Second, the product specification:
1, voltage: 220 v ~ 240 v ~ (packaging according to 230 v, the actual machine for domestic standard voltage)
2, power/ current: 650 w
3, no-load speed: 6000 RPM
4, the size of the saw blade: inner hole ? ? 10 mm in maximum diameter: 85 mm
5, maximum cutting ability: 0 ~ 27 mm (with models at present, the world's largest cutting ability)

Three, the product configuration:
1, the machine a (plastic box packaging, instruction manual in English)
2 six different saw blade, saw blade, each sample a
3, aspiration with a transfer interface
4, inner hexagon spanner, a plug () on the cable sheath
5, guide ruler
6, two cover (a cover feature : can fit the guide ruler match the workbench , another characteristic of shield is : the bottom of the V groove can more accurate cutting pipe and Angle steel products)

Four, pictures show
Saw blade instruction :
80 teeth plastic cutting piece (usually used for cutting plastic epoxy resin, acrylic board, PCB board, etc.)
24 tooth TCT wood cut piece (commonly used in wood cutting, etc.)
36 tooth TCT wood cut piece (usually used for cutting plastic epoxy resin, acrylic board, PCB board, aluminum alloy pipe, etc.)
Resin grinding wheel piece (usually used for cutting steel, iron, aluminum alloy pipes, etc.)
Large diamond stone (usually used for cutting concrete, marble, ceramic, stone, etc.)
Small diamond stone (usually used for cutting concrete, marble, ceramic, stone, etc.)
Above the saw blade is attached to the machine, don't need additional payment.

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Packaging Details

Unit Type:
Package Weight:
4.000kg (8.82lb.)
Package Size:
40cm x 30cm x 15cm (15.75in x 11.81in x 5.91in)