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Voltage stabilizer, reliable, effecient, 0.5kva

Voltage stabilizer, reliable, effecient, 0.5kva
  • Voltage stabilizer, reliable, effecient, 0.5kva
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SVC single-phase high accuracy full automatic AC voltage stabilizers is made of the contact type self-coupling voltage regulator, servo motor, automatic control circuit and so on. When the voltage of the network is not steady or the load varies, the automatic sampling control circuit makes a signal to drive the servomotor to adjust the position of the carbon brush of the self-coupling voltage regulator so as to have the output voltage regulated to the rating and to obtain the steady state. This machine has advantages of small volume?light weight?undistorted waveform, high efficiency, reliable performance , and time-delay, over-voltage, etc. , the series of stabilizers of the general type, the ideal voltage stabilized sources which can be widely applied to any occasions requiring power to assure the normal operation of your power driven equipment.

Computers , test equipment, lighting systems, safety alarm systems, X-ray systems, communication systems , medical equipment, duplicators, stereo sound equipments, colorfilm developing equipment, digital control machine tools, TV sets, office appliances.

Technical Index

Input voltage
40~160V 5KVA above 160~250V
Output voltage
220V�3% 110�4%
Debug time
?15V/ S
Max of
0.5 1 1.5 2 3 5 10 15 20 30KVA
Output current
2 4 6.5 8 10 20 40 60 80 120A
Protection over voltage
Short Delay 3~7 sec
Ambient temperature
Temperature rise
?70? (full load)
Relative humidity
Wave form distortion
No wave-form distortion
Voltage withstandnational standard