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KR0004 Tracked Tank Robot Kit

KR0004 Tracked Tank Robot Kit
  • KR0004 Tracked Tank Robot Kit
  • KR0004 Tracked Tank Robot Kit
  • KR0004 Tracked Tank Robot Kit
  • KR0004 Tracked Tank Robot Kit
Product code: 25440800001
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Other info: 500KG
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The programmable tracked tank robot kit is power driving by two DC motors when using arduino 328, which programmed in C, C++ programming language. It provided the sample codes so that you can program via an easy-to-use arduino user interface, and easy access to programming functions. It enables researchers, developers and robotics students to write their own software, learn from others accomplishments and configure the hardware as required and desired.

A robust chassis has been anodized a metal white colour. This kit not only performs well on many different surfaces and it can traverses over objects in its path and rough terrain, but also performs admirably in hostile working conditions brought about by poor seasonal weather.

Please note also that we provide separate parts from this kit, such as tracked tank robot chassis, tank robot wheel or robot tank tread. You can still build your tracked tank robotic platform, use your own controller and motors, etc.

The kit comes with following parts:

? 2 rubber tracks
? 2 DC motors with encoder
? 1 arduino 328
? 1 12V, 3500mA lithium battery
? 1 12V charger


? Dimensions: 310mm x 260mm x 106mm
? Distance between bottom and ground: 21mm
? Chassis material: Aluminum alloy
? Color: White
? Speed: 0.8m/ s
? Net weight: 4kg
? Load capacity: 8kg

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