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Security door metal detector door factory airport station outdoor dedicated metal detection door Tianxun tx-200pw

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  • Brand: TIANXUN
  • Model: TX-200PW digital security doors

Tian Xun TX-200PW digital security door, the country's first waterproof design, can work in the rain the world.Appear with paint PVC, aluminum pillars on the edge, the post has LED lights on both sides, intuitive display alarm location, panel display High-brightness digital tube, the number of people through the display and alarm sensitivity can be adjusted according to need, a total of 100 sensitivity.

A: Tian Xun TX-200PW digital security features
1, rain design: the national exclusive rain design, you can in the open air (rain) work, do not need to block.
2, the accuracy: the highest sensitivity in the middle of the door can detect a pin (or 1/2) back needle, can do 100 times to detect a hundred times, not omission and report. Exclude belt buckle, shoes, bra effects, detected more than 150 grams of copper, aluminum, zinc and other metal or control knives and guns.
3, six locations: Products are divided into six zones, suspicious objects can be accurately displayed in each area.
4, the number of statistics: you can detect the number of people and the alarm number, 100 people 100 people, not more or less.
5, shock design: standing in the middle of the door, hand on both sides of the door, the door will not be false positives
6, sensitivity adjustment: the sensitivity can be adjusted according to need, a total of 100 sensitivity.
7, the door material: the appearance of paint PVC, the edge is aluminum pillars, rain, fire, crash, not scratched, black and white two colors to choose from.
8, on both sides of the gate post lights: post on both sides of two rows of LED lights, you can visually display the alarm location, sound and light alarm.
9, panel display: high-brightness digital display through the number and alarm number and alarm location
10, you can use the remote control parameters on the parameters can be set up password protection, so that unauthorized personnel can not operate.
11, reserved communication interface, can be connected with the computer, camera, three rollers.
12, the use of the environment for a variety of electromagnetic interference, the entire system uses the world's most advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, and the use of DSP processors to prohibit the operation of the sampling signal correlation filtering and filtering, making the whole set of equipment has a strong electromagnetic interference ability.
13, can be set to multiple groups of operating frequency, making multiple devices side by side adjacent work, do not interfere with each other.
14, the pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, magnetic media and other harmless.
2: Tian Xun TX-200PW digital security doors technical standards
1, the electrical reference EN60950 safety standards.
2, the radiation in accordance with EN50081-1 standard.
3, anti-interference with the implementation of EN50082-1 ​​standard.
4, the strict implementation of the current through the national standard metal detectors.
5, a comprehensive through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.
6, fully certified by the European Union CE.
3: Tian Xun TX-200PW digital security doors technical parameters
1, the external power supply: 215V - 230V 50 / 60Hz
2, power consumption: 35W
3, the working environment: -20 ℃ ─ 45 ℃
4, the transport weight: about 95kg
5, the operating frequency: according to the installation environment to adjust
6, the whole weight: about 90kg
7, Dimensions: (mm) 2220 (H) x 820 (W) x610 (D)
Channel Size: (mm) 2000 (H) x 700 (W) x 610 (D)