DLTXCN fire bell | wireless remote control bell | radio bell | wireless alarm | 6 inch 150MM bell

DLTXCN fire bell | wireless remote control bell | radio bell | wireless alarm | 6 inch 150MM bell

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Donglan Electric
  • Model: 6-inch remote control bell

First, the product features:

1, this product can be connected with the wireless bell or no Line remote control supporting the use of wireless remote control to receive encoded signals, it will ring the bell sound, for school bells on the class, enterprises and institutions to work bell.

2, The biggest advantage of this product is connected with the wireless ringing device using wireless coding remote control technology, no construction wiring, does not destroy the appearance of the existing wall, can reduce the installation cost, but also according to the use of the need to move the radio bell at any time Location, installation quick and easy.

Technical performance

1, the working voltage: radio bell AC220V, hand-held remote control DC12V (23A-type battery).

2, ringtones Volume: ≤ 60 decibels.

3, Bell mode: manual wireless remote control bell, press the above key to open, press the following key to stop, the bell may not exceed 1 minute.

4, remote control distance: ≤ 200 meters (open to no interference without obstacles).

5, remote control mode: 315MHz 60,000 group coding, the products do not interfere with each other.

Bell plate diameter: 6 inch 100MM Price: 110 yuan Working voltage: AC220V;Http: // detailtmallcom / itemhtm? Spm = a1z10.5w4011-2884182735.58YLfAxf & id = 20821368450 & rn = edd35d6107c3f1b31eddef91e299e044

Bell plate diameter: 8 inch 200MM Price: 120 yuan Working voltage: AC220V; Connection:

Bell plate diameter: 10 inches 250MM Price: 135 yuan Working voltage: AC220V Connection:

Bell plate straight by: 12-inch 300MM Price: 160 yuan Working voltage AC220 Connection:

Ordering instructions to what size of the size of the color, contact the owner to modify the price

There are two styles of red and white bells.