KP0001 DC Motor with Encoder

KP0001 DC Motor with Encoder

Product description:

The DC motor is a gear motor that has two basic parts: the rotating part that is called the armature, and the stationary part that includes coils of wire called the field coils. The stationary part is also called the stator. Also, this motor comes with an encoder, which keeps track of the motor's rotation, allowing you to control your motor precisely.

This motor is an electric motor used in running on direct current electricity. It is used in automation appliances such as mobile robot project, etc.


►Type: Faulhaber 12V DC Coreless Motor
►Power: 17W
►No Load Speed: 8100RPM/ minute
►Reduced Speed: 120RPM/ minute
►Diameter: 30mm
►Length: 42mm
►Total Length: 85mm
►Diameter of Shaft: 6mm
►Length of Shaft: 35mm
►No Load Current: 75mA
►Load Current: 1400mA
►Gearbox Ratio: 64: 1


►Type: Optical
►Encoder Phase: AB
►Encoder Resolution: 12CPR