KW0001 100mm Mecanum Wheel with Bearing Rollers Left

KW0001 100mm Mecanum Wheel with Bearing Rollers Left

Product description:

The mecanum wheel is a multi-directional wheel has been used for some time in robotics applications. It allows your robot not only move forward and backward, but also side to side. Using rollers set on a 45° rotational axis parallel to the main rotational axis of the wheel, it allows sideways movement as well as forward and backward movement.

These mecanum wheels utilize 9 rollers positioned between 2 aluminum plates, its aluminum plates are anodizing to white color. In addition, each roller is mounted 2 bearings on the sides to make the wheels move smoothly.


►Outside wheel diameter: 100mm
► Anodized Aluminum plates: White color
►Width: 50mm
►Number of Rollers: 9
►Number of Plates: 2
►Body material: Aluminium alloy
►Roller material: PA+PU
►Spacer material: Nylon
►Length of roller: 47mm
►Net weight: 0.4kg
►Load capacity: 15Kg