KR0006 4WD Mecanum Wheel Beginner Mobile Robot Kit

KR0006 4WD Mecanum Wheel Beginner Mobile Robot Kit

Product description:

This is an economic mobile robot kit that used four ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles so the beginner kit can navigate around them. It is also a learning kit, users are learned logic, soldering, electronics and modular design all while modifying a toy shell into a personal robot.

The most interesting feature of the beginner kit is the ability to learn about the functions of mecanum wheels. And the most important features of mecanum wheel is multi-directional or omni direction, when using the sample codes in arduino user interface programmed, you could change orientation of robot kits with freedom. Such as, you can control the movement by forward, backward, turn left or right, etc. As well as write your own software in C, C++ programming language.

The kit comes with following parts:

► 4 100mm mecanum wheels
► 4 DC motors with encoder
► 1 arduino 328
► 1 IO expansion
► 4 ultrasonic sensors
► 1 12V, 3500mA lithium battery
► 1 12V charger


► Dimensions: 310mm x 320mm x 138mm
► Distance between bottom and ground: 30 mm
► Chassis material: Aluminum alloy
► Color: Red
► Speed: 0.6m/ s
► Net weight: 3.8kg