Guangzhou handbags wholesale | 2013 Korean new diamond clasp Lingge chain bag | Korean handbag shoulder bag

Guangzhou handbags wholesale | 2013 Korean new diamond clasp Lingge chain bag | Korean handbag shoulder bag

Product description:

Color: temperament powder (Korea upgraded version) Queen, elegant white (Korea upgraded version) Queen, classic black (Korea upgraded version) Queen, fantasy purple (Korea upgraded version) Queen, temperament powder (upgrade version) trumpet elegant white (upgrade version) trumpet, classic black (upgrade version) trumpet, fantasy purple (upgrade version) Small, white (domestic version, the texture is poor) Supply category: Spot Openings way: clad cover type
Strap root number: single Item No: SG031 Material: PU leather
Style: Messenger bag, shoulder bag Whether the stock: Yes Inventory Type: The entire single
Processing methods: soft surface Hardness: Hard Model: SG031
Whether the trade: Yes Style: Korean style pattern: plain
Bags shape: Square cross-section Popular elements: Embroidery Type of foreign trade: Export
Applicable Gender: Female

2013 summer newest popular hot explosion models

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Korea has long been the fashion MM

This time, too, not only classic style, more elegance temperament

Summer coming! Sweet wind will sweep the world the beauty of MM!

This pretty package look exquisite beauty, light series is appropriate in summer

A somewhat delicate diamond in the sun, shiny eye-catching

MM bright colors this year are the main colors

This lovely version of the handbag, how can you miss!

Chain and grain mix design, more fashion look

Bag version is not great, summer inconvenience back heavy big bag

It is lightweight and convenient to pursue summer

Heart decoration lady reflects more charm Oh!

Both models below the same, not the same colors, bright colors in the style hit color oh

Because a lot of MM feel that the bag is too small space is not large enough to put umbrella a little worried.

Through our multi-improved this problem is now available a large up.

So parents do not have to worry about the small space fit umbrellas problem.

(You can also hold your cell phone, bank cards, wallet carry cosmetics, coins, and piecemeal
The following is the size of the number and size comparison chart: