Middle - aged wig short - haired lady short whole top middle - aged mother really hair style fluffy old fashioned sets of hair

Middle - aged wig short - haired lady short whole top middle - aged mother really hair style fluffy old fashioned sets of hair

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name:
  • Brand: Yi crown
  • Wigs single product: J001
  • Black - M Black - M Black - M Dark Brown - M Dark Brown - M Dark Brown - M Black Black + M Black - M + Black Black + Care (Black) - Medium (Full Hair - Sterile) Black - Small Size (Black) - Black (Black) - Black + Dark brown - full size (full human hair - sterile mesh) dark brown - small yards (full real hair - sterile net) dark brown - Real human hair - sterile net) light yellow light gray light green chocolate dark gray deep khaki color dark blue deep purple transparent sky blue
  • Suitable for: middle-aged women
  • Hair material: mixed silk
  • Wig Liu Category: Qi Liu
  • Wig Hair Style: Short Straight Hair
  • Style: Business / OL
  • Effects: modeling
  • Cosmetic features: modeling

First, why choose Yi crown brand?

① focus on high-end wig 20 years
② quality unified production standards in Europe and America Japan and South Korea
③ has 16 years of professional top wig hair stylist team
in High-end hair sets selling brand
⑤ thousands of elegant lady choice
⑥ price is not hypocritical raise prices, unlike many shop price elevation was outrageous and then discounted, we Yi Guan wig directly from the factory to the customer, really dedicated to high-quality customers in the high-end sets of hair, the most realistic price. This is why we return to the old crowned wig wigs up to the reasons, bought to buy will eventually choose our Yi Guan.

Second, on the service
(1) We adhere to the one-to-one tracking service
(2) store style Qi, choose more regularly on the new, often wearing a wig can be concerned about us.
(3) 12 strict quality inspection and delivery procedures for your carefully with delivery.
(4) Priority to high-quality courier, fast delivery, caring service
(5) 7 days no reason to return, do not worry, inappropriate, do not like, and imagine not the same troubled

Third, on the wearing effect of the note
Because everyone's face temperament and so different, wearing the effect may not be exactly the same, at the same time, each person's imagination expectations are not the same, so may feel not the same, the right is the best of their own.
So if the face and other factors because the feeling is not the same, you can determine to ensure that the receipt to leave the premise, you can go to a professional salon trimmed, I believe that the effect will be better to wear it.

Finally, the blessing of each visit Yiguan wig flagship store pro, always healthy and beautiful happiness ~

size selection:

Small yards: head circumference 51-53Cm Medium: Head circumference 54-57cm Size: head circumference 57-59cm

Note: If the inconvenient amount of head circumference can also wear the height and weight to tell our customer service, customer service according to height and weight recommended size.