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Middle-aged wig short hair lady short dome middle-aged mother really hair fluffy fashion old hair sets

Middle-aged wig short hair lady short dome middle-aged mother really hair fluffy fashion old hair sets
Product code: 2543200030
Unit price 20.16-47.66$
Sold quantity 1919
Available stock 4914

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Yijuan J001
  • Brand: Yi Guan
  • Wig single product: J001
  • Color classification: black - small code black - medium code black - large yards dark brown - small code dark brown - medium code dark brown - large size black small yards + care tools black - medium code + care tools black large yards + care tool deep Brown small yards + care tools dark brown - medium code + care tools dark brown large yards + care tools black - small size (all real hair - sterile network) black - medium (all real hair - sterile network) black - large size (all real hair - sterile network) dark brown - small size (all real hair - aseptic net) dark brown - large size (all real hair - sterile network) dark brown - medium (all Real hair - sterile net)
  • Applicable to: Ms. in the elderly
  • Hair material: mixed wire
  • Wigs Liuhai Category: Qi Liuhai
  • Fake Hair: Short Straight Hair
  • Style: Business / OL
  • Efficacy: modeling
  • Cosmetic features: modeling

First, why choose the crown brand?

① focus on high-quality wigs for more than 20 years
② quality produced by Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea standards
③ has 16 years of fake hair stylist team
④ false Hair sets hot brand
⑤ thousands of elegant ladies choice
⑥ price is real, not hypocrisy raise prices, unlike many store prices are outrageous and then off, we Yi Han wig from the manufacturers directly to the customer, sincerely for the customer dedication of high-quality sets, the real price. This is why we Yi Guan wig why back the old customers and more reasons to buy to buy will choose our ying crown.

Second, on the service
(1) We insist on one-on-one tracking service
(2) shop style Qi, choose more, regularly on the new, often wig can be concerned about us.
(3) 12 strict quality inspection and delivery procedures for your carefully with the delivery.
(4) preferred high-quality courier, fast delivery, service intimate
(5) 7 days no reason to return, do not worry, inappropriate, do not like, and imagine not the same troubles

Third, on the effect of wearing instructions
Because each person's face temperament is not the same, the effect may not be exactly the same, at the same time, everyone's imagination is not the same expectations, so may feel will not be the same, suitable for their own is the best it.
So if the face and other factors feel a bit different, you can determine the premise of keeping the goods left, you can go to the professional salon shop trim finishing, I believe that the effect will be better wear it.

Note: In order to reflect the fidelity, hair which may have a little white hair, hair industry is a normal phenomenon Oh

Finally, the blessing of each visit Yicheng wig flagship store pro, always healthy and beautiful happiness ~

size selection:

Small code: head circumference 51-53Centimeter Head circumference 54-57cm Big code: head circumference 57-59cm

Note: If it is not convenient to measure the body can also wear the height and weight to tell us customer service, so that customer service according to height and weight recommended size.