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LED Low-Intensity Obstruction Aviation Light Type B Compliant with ICAO and FAA

LED Low-Intensity Obstruction Aviation Light Type B Compliant with ICAO and FAA
  • LED Low-Intensity Obstruction Aviation Light Type B Compliant with ICAO and FAA
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LED Low-Intensity Obstruction Aviation Light Type B Compliant with ICAO and FAA:

1. Technical Data:

Please see the Table showing below

Product TypeLow-instensity Obstruction Aviation Light Type B (L-810)
Item SpecificationParameters of Specification
Unpacked Sizd (mm) 188*104*104
Packed Size (mm) 218*134*134
Net Weight (kg) 0.5
Gross Weight (kg) 0.8
Effective Intensity (cd) ?32
Power InputAC: 100V-250V
Power Frequency (Hz) 50-60
Power OutputConstant 300mA
Constant Light Power (W) 5.2
Flashing Frequency (Hz) /
Flashing Time (S) /
Flashing Power (W) /
Power Factor (%) ?50
Power Efficiency (%) ?85
Energy Consumption Indicator (cd/ w) ?2.6
Light Control Environment
(cd/ m�)
Degrees of ProtectionIP65
Lighting Protection Grade (V) ?1400
Environmental Temperature (�C) -20-60
Humidity (%) 10-95
Wind Resistance (M/ S) ?80
Node Temperature (�C) ?60
Optical Lens MaterialTempered PC
Structural Material Aluminum Alloy

2. Product Features:

(1) Our company solely developed the low-intensity aviation light and owns independent intellectual property and owns independent intellectual property rights for the products. Its patent number is 201320105968.1

(2) The optical lens which is solely developed by our company and used at the product is patented as an invention. Its inventionpatent number is 201320105968.1

(3) As a result of using the patented optical lens in the product and applying a single high-efficiency LED as light source, the product obtains brilliant optical effects, very high efficiency of light source conversion, evident effect of energy-saving and 5.2W rated power. All those advantages of the product do maximize the benefits to customers.

(4) As cooling and structural parts of the product are made of lightweight aluminum alloy, the product processes excellent effect of cooling, lightweight structure, 0.5kg weighs, small size, light weight, easy transportation and installation.

(5) As to the driving features of LED lights, the driving power is used for the product. Wide working voltage input (input voltage: AC100V-250V) has been set, which can provide constant current output, brilliant stability of driving, and long service life.

3. Product Performance Standards

ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, 6012-1999, FAA, NA TO60

4. Application of the Product

The low-intensity LED aviation obstruction light is used as a steady-burning red light that marks all fixed obstructions to prevent air navigational hazards. When fixed obstructions are less than 45m, a single light can be used. When fixed obstructions are more than 45m, two or more higher intensity lights should be installed in a manner to ensure an unobstructed view of one or more lights by a pilot.

5. Light Intensity Curve

6. Product Structure with Size (Section View and Name of Main Parts)

7. How to Install and Operate (with detailed sizes and methods for installing)

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