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Aviation Alerting Ball

Aviation Alerting Ball
  • Aviation Alerting Ball
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XBZAQ1L being a spherical aviation alerting marker applies to the overhead power lines, especially EHV transmission cables, and transmission cables across the rivers. The aviation alerting balls should be equally spaced on the power lines in order to play the role of aviation alerting.


  • The aviation alerting balls mounted on the lightning protection ground cables of the overhead towers must be equally spaced, and the spacing should be adapted to the diameters of the alerting balls.

  • Aviation alerting balls can be red, orange or white, and should be alternately set.

  • As to driving features of LED lights, driving power is used for product, which leads to: Involving multiple wires, cables and other occasions, aviation alerting balls should be located no lower than the highest overhead lines being identified.

Compliance with standards:

  • The Civil Aviation Industry Standard of China The Civil Airfield Technical Standard (MH5001-2006)

  • ICAO Appendix 14 International Standard and Construction Measures- Airport'

Warranty declaration:
  • Equipment have three-year quality-guarantee and five-year maintenance-guarantee

  • Man-made damage or force majeure voids warranty

Technical Data:

Product TypeAviation Alerting Ball (XB-ZAQ1L)
Item SpecificationParameters of Specification
Unpacked Size (mm) Φ =600 or Φ =800 (Can be ordered)
Reference Weight (kg) 6
ColorRed/ Orange or White
life time (years) 10
Environmental Temperature (°C) -55~+75
Humidity (%) 0~95
Wind Resistance (M/ S) ≥80