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Heliport Touchdown and Lift-off (TLOF) Area Edge Light

Heliport Touchdown and Lift-off (TLOF) Area Edge Light
  • Heliport Touchdown and Lift-off (TLOF) Area Edge Light
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XB-ZBJ1L is vertically installed along the heliport touchdown and lift-off (TLOF) area edge and can send out green omnidirectional steady burning light signal at night or during low visibility weather, which clearly marks out the boundaries of the heliport touchdown and lift-off (TLOF) areas and allows the helicopterslanding safely.


  • Developed product and owns independent intellectual property rights for product

  • Optical lens which is solely developed by our company and used at product is patented as invention.

  • Patent number is 201310073953.6

  • As result of using patented optical lens in product and applying single high efficiency LED as light source, product obtains:

  1. Brilliant optical effects

  2. Very high efficiency of light source conversion

  3. Evident effect of energy-saving

  4. Rated power: 2W

  • As cooling and structural parts of product are made of lightweight aluminum alloy and unique structure of cooling focuses on dealing with conduction, convection and radiation at same time, the product processes:

  1. Nice effect of cooling

  2. Lightweight structure

  3. Small size

  4. 0.5kg weight

  5. Easy to transportation and install

  • As to driving features of LED lights, driving power is used for product, which leads to:

  1. Wide working voltage input (input voltage: 100 to 250V AC)

  2. Constant current output

  3. Brilliant stability of driving

  4. Long service life

Compliance with standards:

  • Technology standards for Civilian Heliport (MH5013-2008)

  • ICAO Annex 14 Vol II (Heliport)

Warranty declaration:
  • Equipment have three-year quality-guarantee and five-year maintenance-guarantee

  • Man-made damage or force majeure voids warranty