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Heliport Wind Cones

Heliport Wind Cones
  • Heliport Wind Cones
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XB-FXB1L is used to provide visual surface wind direction and velocity information to pilots in helicopters over the final approach and takeoff areas. Each airport must be set at least one wind cone, and its installation location should be chosen not to be disturbed by the flow from the nearby objects or helicopter rotors and ensure that pilots in helicopters can clearly see the wind cones when flighting, hovering or on the ground at heliports.


  • Developed product and owns independent intellectual property rights for product

  • Optical lens which is solely developed by our company and used at product is patented as invention.

  • Patent number is 201320105968.1


  • The product is the lighted wind cone and includes a LED steady burning red obstruction light on the top:

  1. Can beused to provide visual surface wind direction and velocity information to pilots at airports and heliports.

  2. Being applicable to both daytime and night

  3. Providing warning of obstruction at night for pilots

  • The product installs a light-weight stainless steel frame of the wind cone cage and bearing mechanism able to turn 360-degree horizontally at the upper part of the pole. A waterproof LED spotlight rotating with the cage is installed inside the wind cone cage and illuminates the cage directly. Comparing with the outmoded external floodlighting, the product does obtain following advantages:

  1. Effectively reducing power consumption

  2. Eliminating the glare

  • The nylon fabric sock covering the frame of the cage is treated for water repellency and resistance to rot and mildew and available for:

  1. FAA/ ICAO applications in orange and ICAO applications in orange/ white or red/ white banded

  2. Two sizes:

  3. I Big End Diameter: 300mm; Small End Diameter: 150mm; Length: 1.2m

  4. II Big End Diameter: 600mm; Small End Diameter: 300mm; Length: 2.4m

  5. Long service life

Compliance with standards:

  • Technology standards for Civilian Heliport (MH5013-2008)

  • ICAO Annex 14 Vol II (Heliport)

Warranty declaration:

  • Equipment have three-year quality-guarantee and five-year maintenance-guarantee

  • Man-made damage or force majeure voids warranty