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Guidance Signs

Guidance Signs
  • Guidance Signs
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LED-series taxiway signs (hereinafter referred to as signs) , are essential products for airfield lighting systems. The signs provide direction and information to taxiing aircraft and airport vehicles, including indicating the direction to turn with an arrow, identifying a runway intersection ahead, identifying the runway or taxiway currently on or entering, marking stop bars and so on. The functions of the signs are distinguished by a variety of mixed letters, numbers, symbols and colors. There are mainly four kinds of style, which are black on yellow background, yellow on black background, white on red background and white on black background.


  • Developed product and owns independent intellectual property rights for product

  • Secondary optical lens which is solely developed by our company and used at product is patented as invention. Patent number is 710743

  • The product's overall structure has obtained the patent right for utility model. Patent number is 201320371044.6


  • Comparing with the similar products, our product is more energy-saving as its per unit power consumption is only 30W, thinner by reducing 50% in thickness, and stronger in wind resistance. At the same time, our product has been tested to be Green, long service life and energy-saving and emission-reducing.

  • Using standard aluminum plate lights, perfect cooling effect, being applicable to the signs with different sizes.

  • From -55°Cto +55°C, the control circuit design ensures reliable starting and running.

  • Multi-light redundancy design ensures the signals are effective in case part of the lights are failure to provide signals.

  • Frangibility of the product meets the ICAO requirements and the product can withstand wind force as 220Km / h, or 320Km / h.

  • IP34 Protection Class (IP44 is optional)

  • Intelligent Automatic Controller with Light and Time Control, which is easy to manage (optional: single selection/ double selection)

Compliance with standards:

  • ICAO Annex 14_2006

  • MH/ T6011-1999Taxiway Signs

  • Civil Aviation Standards for Signs_2009

  • MH5001-2006Airfield Technical Standards in Civil Airport

  • ICAOAerodrome Design Manual-Part 4

  • GB/ T 7256-2005General Requirements for Civil Airport Lighting