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MD20 Underground Gold Metal Detector for gold silver

MD20 Underground Gold Metal Detector for gold silver
  • MD20 Underground Gold Metal Detector for gold silver
Product code: 25425000001
Unit price: 8-15 USD
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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Parana, Brazil

  • Brand Name: SPYONWAY

  • Model Number: SPY20

  • Color: Black

  • Maximum detection depth: 2-3m

  • Mode of operation: Balance / Recognition

  • Target size: Diameter 2mm

  • Detector: Gold, Sliver and Non-Ferrous Metal

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Gross weight: 6.40kg/ piece Package size: 64*37*13.5cm
Delivery Detail: Within 3 days


MD20 Underground Gold Metal Detector for gold silver 1. High sensitive gold metal detector 2.7*24 online service 3. Best price

MD20 Underground Gold Metal Detector for gold silver
1. High sensitive gold metal detector
2.7*24 online service
3. Best price

Welcome to Shenzhen

Spyonway Electronics Inc.

Underground Metal Detector Long Range Underground Metal Detector SPY20

Product Introduction

SPY20 underground metal detector using imported technology and components produced new products , compared with other similar products in china domestic , SPY20 metal detector has a great probing depth , positioning accuracy , high resolution , energy saving and environmental protection , instrumentation and long service life characteristics , maximum detection depth up to 2 meters.

SPY20 underground metal detector using advanced balance -conditioning system , the only select metal signal we need to eliminate all the debris, caused by the signal only beep only when the exploration site at the metal target , thus effectively excluded mineralization interference , and effectively improve the depth and accuracy of the instrument s probe .

SPY20 underground metal detector is mainly used in :

1. Scrap metal recycling;

2. Detect buried underground metal artifacts and treasures of gold and silver;

3. Telecommunications / electricity and other municipal departments exploration in the construction of underground lines, pipes and cables toward positioning

4. Archaeological and mining sectors , archeology , exploration the iron , prospecting research;

5. Detect metallic foreign body in the raw materials , fuel , food

6. Military demining;

7. ** Detection of the criminal investigation department search

8. Customs inspection and safety check

9. Check mail, baggage and parcel of the metal items , etc.

The main technical parameters

1. Maximum detection depth: 2-3meters

2.Mode of operation: Balance / Recognition

3. Main vibration frequency: 455KHZ

4.Signal frequency: 433KHZ

5. Power Consumption: 1W

6.Power supply: DC12V

Instrument control key description

1. Push button

Below in the instrument has a button, and is very important in use of the instrument . The adjustment of the instrument , in the course of their work , often to press and release the button . By pressing/ release the button , the machine memory circuit automatically note of the status of the adjustment . If you forget to press/ release the button , it will affect the detection sensitivit.

2. Tuner knob

The role of the tuner is tune out the critical sound . Make the tuner clockwise rotation from the left , first opened the power switch, continue to be rotated to the right , the sound from scratch , from small to large. During detection , it should be transferred to a slight buzzing sound , the sound is very small , can barely hear , which is call critical sound . Only transferred to such faint sound , the instrument only has the highest sensitivity, If the critical sound tune too or do not bring up the sound , the instrument sensitivity will reduce.

Prior to the tune of the critical sound , be sure to press the button , after a good tune , then release the button.

Critical sound detection process gradually increases or decrease or even disappear , then press / release the button so that critical sound recovery then probe.

3. Work adjustment knob

Work adjustment knob is in line with the operating mode switch. it is around 0-10 scale. Mineralized material interference to balance operation by adjusting this knob can be excluded , and use it to identify the mode of operation , to distinguish between different types of metal.

4. Power switch

Instrument after use , set the power switch button dial to the off position , turn off the power

5. Operating mode switch

The operating mode switch has two gears : one is balanced, the other is identify.

Switch gravitropic balance file , the instrument sounds of all the metal will , but exclude the impact of the mineralization reaction . If the switch to identify the file , the instrument can distinguish between different types of metal .

6. Headphone jack and charging jack

The instrument comes standard with headphones and charger. Plug in headphones, the sound of speaker is interrupt, whe the charger is charging, the fuselage charge indicator light.


1. In one month, if you're not satisfied with product or product damaged (Not man-made) , you can change unconditionally. (About changing, please contact customer service.) , return shipping cost is buyer's responsibility.

2. One year warrantyfor all accessories and lifelong service.

The Quality of Our Products:

1. First of all, we promised that all the products are brand-new.

2. Secondly, we haveinspected quality before leaving the factory, those include but not limited to specifications, appearance, function, package, accessories and so on.

3. Thirdly, we package the products by superior high quality cartonto ensure the completeness and low delivery loss.

4. If you find out any problem when receive the products, we are in charge of securing service.

Delivery Time:

1. We have thousands ofproducts in stock. So, once payment confirmed, we will deliver your goods in 24 hours.


1. We only support world-famous Express companies (EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx) , faster and safer by airline, except Long range detectors which set batteries inside (TX-MPI, VR1000BII, VR Long Range King) . For reducing our shipping fee, large size articles (Walkthrough metal detector gates, X-ray security inspection machines, Needles inspection for Food industry, etc) will go Ocean shipping.

The Customs:

1. We will declare on the invoice that it's a gift or write down a lower price there to help you reduce tax.

2. However, you will still need to pay the tax for the products if the customs ask.


T/ T through HSBC Bank or Western Union

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