multifunction massage cushion

multifunction massage cushion

Product description:

Multifunction Massage Cushion


Strength: Hight and low two strengths
Upper part: 2 massage heads like two hands
Middle part: Four groups of three massage heads
Lower part: Two hight frequency vibratory motor
Leather material: PU material, coffee/ pink/ red for choise
Programs: positive and negative rotation
Temperature: Temperature could be adjusted from 30-60degree.
Approval: CE & ROHS
MOQ: 20pcs


1. three in one set with upper, middle and lower parts.

2. can release far infrared to enhance blood circulation and metabolism .

3. massage different parts of whole body.


1. The upper parts with two 9cm massage heads could imitate real people's massage, which could knead the neck deeply. It could enhance the blood circulation and metabolism of neck, strengthen the muscle, relieve the muscle spasm, remove muscle fatigue, relax muscle, remove ache and recover energy.

2. The middle part with twelve deep magnets could improve the condition of body's magnet disorder caused by working pressure and fatigue, enhance the metabolism, enhance blood and lymph circulation, clean the blood rubish by the attract of magnetic molecular, improve body resistance and recover the vigour.

3. The lower part with 3 massage heads which lies like triangle can prevent flat hip in office.