Siping winter special cotton body moving garage

Siping winter special cotton body moving garage

Product description:

First, the canopy body (sub-monomer and cotton body)

1. Single canopy body features:

(1) Fire can not burn with fire resistance

(2) the same as the leaves have a strong waterproof self-cleaning function

(3) anti-UV, anti-aging, long life (up to 5--10 years).

2. Cotton canopy body features:

(1) The outer fabric: double Pew anti snow, unique taste, quality noble, elegant appearance.

(2) Lining: double abalone cotton sewing, high density, thermal insulation and strong

(3) refining suture: fine workmanship, each five centimeters a diamond seam line, always connected to fine needle.

(4) thick insulation: weighing about 25 kg, wind, anti-snow, insulation ability.

Second, the main stand is made of high strength stainless steel, weighing 90 kg, so it's wind, anti-snow does not distort the performance is very strong.

Third, the lock reinforcement: canopy body at the bottom corners of a lock ring and locking hook, you can manually pick hang or lock reinforcement, security and stability, peace of mind and confidence.

Fourth, to save space: the folded tent body to the middle Shoulong, forming a simple gantry, and a canopy to protect the cap, intermediate transparent, save space.

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