Manual folding garage latest offer

Manual folding garage latest offer

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The only one specialized production factory folding garage !!!

Liaocheng in Shandong Jinxin folding garage is your best choice.

1. Automatic remote operation. Patented technology, anti-counterfeit will be sued. Installation is simple, easy to move. Civilian price value for money

2. wind. Sediment Control Anti Dust Anti pollen Anti-tree oil Anti guano... Anti-UV, rain, snow, hail, snow intrusion prevention can be to protect the car at normal winter temperatures of -30 degrees start inside and outside temperature difference can reach more than 10 degrees, anti-leather interior and decorations and dried brittle.

3. To create a private space, to prevent the body from being maliciously scratched, robbery, unintentional damage.

4. Anti-high temperature, anti-cold. Great inside compartment temperature is not too high, the winter cold, from the car smoothly. Prolong the life of your car. Brightness automobile paint to extend for more than 10 years without fading, open every day car.

5. theft, looting, much more than a layer of protective security. For your car to put up a strong fortress.

6. Touch alarm to automatically lock the car double security

7. protects components from premature aging, if you park your car in the garage of automotive components to extend the life of eight years or more.

8. The low-carbon energy saving and environmental protection to lead the new fashion trend

Jinxin has a high-grade folding garage. Car hedging and save money

Please let the car run for a day to have a warm home

We have to have parking garage has a garage to have a parking space.

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