Siemens TC35I module


Product description:

Shenzhen City Huabo Technology Co. specializes in all kinds of wireless industrial communication module, the main products: Siemens TC35, TC35I, MC35, MC388, MC35I, MC39I, MC37I, MC37IR3, MC55, MC56, MC75, MC52I, MC52IR3, MC55I WAVECOM. Q2403A, Q2303A, Q2406A, Q2406B, Q2358C, Q2438F, Q24PLUS. BenQ M22, M22A, M23, M23A, M33G. SICMOM SIMCOM300, SIM900A, SIM900, SIM900B, SIM908C, SIM5320E, SIM5215E, SIMCOM300CZ, SIM340Z. Sony Ericsson GR47, GM47, GR64 . ANUDATA DTSS800, DTGS800. Huawei CM320, EM310, MG323, MG323-B, MC323, MC323-A, MT509, EM660, MC509-A, EM770W, EM820W, MU509-C, MU509-G, MU509-B, MU736, MU609 , MU733, MU739, GOBI3000, ME906V, ME906J, ME906E, GTM9100B, GTM900C. Quectel M35, wide and through the G600, G610, Motorola G24 module. Our company is the largest supplier product quality, courteous service, at any spot, when the world order can be shipped the same day, the price is better than others. People can do, we better than them. honesty, with customers to achieve a win-win! look forward to working with you business friends! Contact: Miss Xu 13714376462 QQ719711157