Dell dell server | R720 / R620 / R320 / R420 / R520 / R220 / R920 More Details

Dell dell server | R720 / R620 / R320 / R420 / R520 / R220 / R920 More Details

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Memory Type: DDR3
  • Blade server architecture: 2U
  • Brand: Dell / Dell
  • Model: E5-2603 (1.86) 2G 300G H310
  • Interface Type: SATA2
  • Hard drive capacity: 1000GB
  • Server Type: Rack

Dell PowerEdge R420 E5-2403 V2 4G 300G * 2 H310 remote management card 550W redundant power

Powerful and balanced performance
For your enterprise virtualization and business processing environment, using a high-density memory, balanced I / O processor and the latest Dell's latest server technology.

High Performance Computing
With next-generation Intel ® Xeon ®E5-2600 series of processing power and up to 24 DIMM, significantly improve application performance. Intel ® Xeon ®E5-2600 processor using 32nm process technology to build, each processor provides more up to eight cores, enabling fast processing of computationally intensive tasks.
Advanced I / O functions
Comprising the use of integrated third-generation PCIe expansion slots of the PowerEdge R720 balanced and scalable I / O capabilities, and enhance the performance of your data center.
Flexible and scalable network
With enable you to take full advantage of the additional I / O performance features, adjust your network throughput to meet your application requirements.
Uncompromised efficiency
With the PowerEdge R720 rack server, in medium and large enterprises demanding virtualization, database and enterprise resource planning (ERP) workloads to achieve maximum efficiency.
Powerful systems management capabilities
With hardware-driven intelligent systems management, comprehensive power management and other innovative management tools, easy to experience the life cycle manageability.
Enhance operational efficiency
With the next generation of infrastructure has reliability R720, availability, and serviceability (RAS) function, to maintain a high data center efficiency, safety and maintenance standards.
More storage capacity and performance
With the PowerEdge R720 rack servers and flexible I / O and storage options, with the times, and the exponential growth in the implementation of efficient management of data.
Experience a new generation of PowerEdge
Allow IT to promote your business success. The latest generation of PowerEdge series servers together properly designed in functionality and performance scalability, it is possible at
Management of large and small data center environments demanding workloads.

With enhanced systems management capabilities, improve operational efficiency
Streamline operations and improve efficiency, so that every penny maximum effectiveness automate most important server lifecycle management tasks - deploy, update, monitor
And maintenance, thereby manage your Dell PowerEdge servers in complex IT environments.

Global Services and Support
Dell Services team allows you to make better use of IT and business solutions to help reduce IT complexity, lower costs, and eliminate inefficiencies. Dell Services team
Your comprehensive understanding of the various needs, for your environment and business objectives design solutions, while leveraging proven delivery methods, local professionals, and
Depth domain knowledge, and the total cost of ownership to a minimum.