BOW Hang Shi | Slim Mute Apple MAC Bluetooth mouse | win8 tablet Android phone wireless mouse 3.0

BOW Hang Shi | Slim Mute Apple MAC Bluetooth mouse | win8 tablet Android phone wireless mouse 3.0

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: B. O. W A10
  • Brand: B. O. W
  • Model: A10
  • Package Type: Package A official standard
  • Color Category: White Black Yellow Red wine
  • Wireless distance: 8m
  • Battery model: 7 batteries
  • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
  • Work: Photoelectric
  • Number of Keys: 3
  • Optical resolution: 1600dpi
  • Roller number: 1
  • Whether to support ergonomics: Support
  • Condition: New
  • Service: shop three packs
  • Are boxed genuine: Yes

1. The official standard: Bluetooth mouse; 2. Package: Bluetooth Mouse + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter (for desktop or laptop users choose) 3. Now buy the battery version to send the battery (rechargeable battery version not send a single charge can be used six months)

IOS The system uses baby must First jailbreak Other systems unlimited Oh!

This mouse is silent, dull version, will not have any tips Replace the battery after a normal phenomenon.
Connections :Hold down the mouse wheel and right-click and hold the mouse power for about three seconds, and then click to automatically connect with a Bluetooth device search for Bluetooth mouse (Bluetooth Mouse).

Some frequently asked questions:

1, Ipad can use the Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse do?

Theoretically, ipad1 / ipad2 can use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, have to buy Amoy friends can not be used to say, it is because he uses or ipad comes with Bluetooth keyboard move, if you want to use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, We need to put on ipad original BTstack Keyboard delete and re-download and install the Cydia source to find BTstackKeyboard, which has a fee and a free, better compatibility and stability that Apple charges, it is recommended to use at the same time you want to users, costs $ 5 buy this widget after you can use both!

Specific methods of operation, refer to the operation has been successfully used by users:

Since the method cumbersome, does not recommend users to simultaneously use the Bluetooth mouse and Bluetooth keyboard, as we must use, inability to personally User Action ipad, so for responsible reasons, We only responsible for product quality problems, is not responsible for the specific setting method guidance, please understand.

2, Bluetooth mouse simple instructions

Open the mouse battery cover, install the battery, be careful not to hold against open mouse Power switch.
, Turn on the computer or in front of a computer screen Bluetooth Bluetooth logo bottom right corner of the right single select 'Add Device', then search for Bluetooth enters state.
NOTE: Bluetooth started as normal, then usually there will be a Bluetooth logo in the lower right computer.

Next be sure to hold the mouse The bottom of the small black button for 3 seconds after the release, the Bluetooth on your computer to search for a mouse Shape icon that is Bluetooth mouse , Select mouse Next point, the computer will pop up a window prompting you to enter the pairing code, please carefully read tips on this random number code interface directly with the new Bluetooth mouse Enter after typing the numbers to complete the pairing.

Android 4.0+ tablet or mobile phone, enter the pairing code 1234 or 0000 can be.
If it still does not work or is not operating, then please contact me, we will remotely install it for you. Thank you!

3, Use Bluetooth adapter

First, what is a Bluetooth adapter?

Bluetooth adapter is a Bluetooth, equates to a Bluetooth-enabled computer's built-in Bluetooth mouse has no direct relationship with the need to use the mouse and search for Bluetooth pairing can use.

Second, the Bluetooth adapter installation methods:
1. Bluetooth adapter plug in the computer, if it is a desktop note must be inserted in the USB port on the back of the chassis, into your computer after the computer will be prompted to find new hardware and will automatically install the driver, after installation in the right computer lower corner will be more of a Bluetooth logo, which indicates normal activated Bluetooth.
2. If your computer does not automatically install the Bluetooth driver, please contact us for 'Bluetooth driver software', this software provides excellent compatibility and complete the Bluetooth functionality. After installation is complete, restart the computer to see the lower-right corner of Bluetooth computer marks.

Installation is now Bluetooth adapter is completed, the next is how to pair with Bluetooth devices, depending on your particular system Choosing an installation method we offer.

In the following Bluetooth mouse, for example, describe a simple approximate method of operation:

1, the bottom right of the computer screen in front of the right stand-alone Bluetooth logo, select 'Add Device', then the computer enters a Bluetooth search mode.
2. Next, open the mouse switch, press the small black button at the bottom of the mouse, press 3 seconds after the release, the Bluetooth on your computer to search for a mouse shaped icon that is Bluetooth mouse, point the mouse to select the next step to complete the pairing.

4, Daily Summary FAQ

1. Why paired well under win7 system, the mouse did not respond?

A: The reason is because the computer's Bluetooth driver installation is not complete due to computer win7 system, sometimes this happen, the solution is: remove the current search has been to the mouse, re-pairing search in the search to after the mouse, do not point the next step directly into the right-single select 'properties', looking at the 'property' of the 'services' in the 'services' under item there: HID keyboard and mouse drivers, check this item, then determine the general point you can, if you still can not automatically load HID, you need to reinstall your computer's Bluetooth drivers once.

2, I was Apple Computer, win7 system installed, it was found no matching 'HID keyboard and mouse drivers' item in the 'property' of the 'services', the mouse can not complete the pairing?

A: Apple Computer in the compatibility of the system the main consideration is its own OS system, so consider windows systems is not very comprehensive, it is generally installed in the system after a win, the computer will automatically install the system comes with win7 Bluetooth driver this drive will be some small problems of compatibility and integrity of our thousands of users found during the service, 'the drive of life' this software is available in Apple's official windows driver, so when faced with this situation, when, Please go to download a driver life, and then uninstall the original Bluetooth driver in device Manager, and re-installed once the drive of life with Bluetooth driver, restart the computer to re-pair.

The following is the driving life download, copy it into your browser to: