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  • Dichloromethane
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CAS NO .: 75-09-2
Alias: Binary chloride, methylene chloride, methylene chloride, methylene chloride,
English name: Dichloromethane; Methylenechloride; Methylene dichloride
GB number: 61552
EINECS accession number: 200-838-9
Content: 99.9%
Molecular formula: CH2Cl2; Appearance transparent colorless volatile liquid with a pungent odor similar to ether.
Molecular Weight: 84.93
Boiling point: 39.40 ℃
Vapor Pressure: 30.55kPa (10 ℃)
Freezing point: -95.14 ℃
The relative density of 1.325
Water-soluble: 20 G / L (20 ℃)
Ignition point: 640 ℃.
Viscosity (20 ℃): 0.43mPa`s.
The refractive index nD (20 ℃): 1.4244.
Critical temperature: 237 ℃.
Critical pressure: 6.0795MPa saturated vapor pressure (kPa):. 30.55 (10 ℃)
Heat of combustion (kJ / mol): 604.9
Critical temperature (℃): 237
Critical pressure (MPa): 6.08
Logarithm of the octanol / water partition coefficient: 1.25
Ignition temperature (℃): 615
Explosive limit% (V / V): 19
Lower explosive limit% (V / V): 12
Solubility: slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol.
Dissolved in about 50 times the solubility in water, soluble phenols, aldehydes, ketones, acetic triethyl phosphate, ethyl acetoacetate, cyclohexylamine. With other chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents such as ethanol and N, N- dimethyl formamide miscible
After pyrolysis produces trace amounts of HCl and phosgene, and the long-term heating water to produce formaldehyde and HCl. Further chlorination, available CHCl3 and CCl4. Colorless, volatile liquid. Difficult to burn. Vapor and air to form explosive mixtures explosion limit 6.2% to 15.0% (by volume) methylene chloride and sodium hydroxide and generated formaldehyde.
Industry, methylene chloride and chlorine gas from the reaction is, after distillation to give pure product, is an excellent organic solvent, and can be used as dental local, refrigerants and fire extinguishing agents. Irritant to skin and mucous membranes than chloroform slightly stronger, should pay attention to the use of high concentrations of methylene chloride.
Packaging and storing galvanized iron airtight packaging, tanker train car can transport. It should be stored in a cool dark dry, well-ventilated place, pay attention to moisture.
The main purposes: as solvent resins and plastics industry
Packing: 100 kg / barrel
Price: 1200 yuan / ton