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Poppy capsules

Poppy capsules
  • Poppy capsules
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CAS: 521-40-4
Alias: rice shell, millet shells, opium poppy sub-shell, rice husk bag
Source: This genus Papaver Papaveraceae poppy Papaver somniferum L. dry mature ripe fruit husk will fall off after the juice has been excised, break open, remove the seeds and branches, and dried.
Properties: This product is oval or bottle-shaped oval, and more have been broken into flakes, diameter 1.5 ~ 5cm, length 3 ~ 7cm outer surface yellowish-white, light brown to purple, smooth, slightly shiny, or longitudinal. horizontal cut marks.
Top 6 to 14 radially arranged disc-shaped residual stigma; base with a short handle, lightweight, crisp.
The inner surface of pale yellow, slightly shiny. There longitudinally aligned replum, brown, slightly protruding above the clouds tan dots. Gas micro fragrance, taste bitter.
Tropism of taste: sour, astringent, flat; toxic lung, colon, kidney.
Indications: Convergence lung, intestinal astringent, analgesic for chronic cough, chronic diarrhea, rectal prolapse, abdominal pain.
Dosage: 3 ~ 6g.
Note: This product is addictive, not uniforms; disabled children.
Storage: dry place, moth.
Packaging: 25 kg / carton
Price: 180 yuan / kg