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UPS Power Supply Integrated Battery Cabinet | Battery Box | Rack UPS | Power Distribution | Battery Integrated Cabinet Cabinet

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  • Brand: Reddy Division
  • Model: Integrated cabinet

UPS mains power distribution battery integrated battery cabinet

One, the cabinet size: width 600mm X X 1000mm X high 2000mm (42U) {overall by the totem 600X1000 X2000 server cabinet modified}, can be customized according to customer needs and other specifications of the size and style of one cabinet, such as: 800MMX1000MMX2000600MMX800M X2000MM, etc., the main cabinet is different from the corresponding price, specific and customer service to confirm

Second, the installation capacity:

1, can be installed rack UPS power host one or two

2, can hold 32 batteries (including the following specifications 12AH, 17AH, 24AH, 38AH, 40AH), or 16 batteries (50AH, 65AH, 100AH, 120AH)

3, rack-type power distribution cabinet (optional --- another billing)

4, standard with AC voltage input table 3 (380V, 220V optional), intelligent DC voltmeter

5, 3P 63A DC switch (current size optional) one

6, input and output AC switch (optional --- additional billing)

7, the battery cable 32 standard (6 square, you can choose other specifications wire diameter, the cost of another)

The following picture case only the main cabinet and other accessories are standard, including APC UPS power supply host and 32 38AH battery without, just as a case picture, pro!

Third, shipping instructions:

1, due to the one cabinet is customized according to customer requirements, photographed before contact customer service to confirm delivery time (usually the order time in 7 working days)

2, the battery cabinet as a whole shipping, logistics and logistics, due to the larger size of each local logistics costs ranging from before, please consult and customer service to the actual shipping costs.