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Hills 3C3 EX 30KS room server regulator 30KVA24KW three into three on-line UPS power supply

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Product parameters:

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  • Brand: SANTAK / Hills
  • Model: 3C3 EX 30KS

This product is suitable for small and medium-sized data center, network management center, enterprise server room, the voltage instantaneous drop or amplitude shock, high voltage pulse, voltage fluctuation , Surge voltage, harmonic distortion, frequency fluctuations and other conditions can provide a good solution for the user's load to provide safe and reliable power supply protection.

Technical Parameters:

Castle 3C3 EX Series UPS each phase by a separate PFC circuit to convert AC into DC and then through the inverter (Inverter) will be converted to AC DC output.At the same time, to provide a single controller, the PFC circuit for real-time control And data acquisition, so that the entire system more coordinated operation / more timely feedback to the user state of the system.At the same time, through the control of the battery charging mode, effectively extending the battery life.The dual input structure improves The reliability of the whole system. 3C3EX series products also increased the degree of protection of the system, the product can be stable in dusty industrial environments.

Excellent industrial environmental protection performance
IP21 protection level can be achieved (to prevent the intrusion of solid objects greater than 12mm, to prevent the vertical drop of water intrusion.) In order to higher dust requirements, optional dust-proof components to improve the industrial environment, user dust level , To ensure that UPS equipment in the harsh environment of safe operation.

N + X and machine redundancy (support and co-battery)
The machine has built-in parallel function, which can realize the parallel connection of up to 8 UPSs without increasing the external accessories, and it is convenient for the user to carry out low-cost system expansion.N stands for the minimum number of UPS required for load, X stands for redundant UPS, The greater the X, the higher the reliability of the system.
The use of advanced control strategies, and redundant work in the state, the system can share a group of batteries, greatly saving the user's investment costs.

Battery charge and discharge of intelligent management
Advanced intelligent charging method Through the control of the CPU, UPS charger can be based on different environmental conditions, modify the charging parameters, to provide the most optimized battery charging.Designed a number of charging methods, according to the type of battery, And the use of the battery state to choose the best way of charging.Scientific way of charging, so that the battery life has been extended.and can be equipped with charging unit, so that the multi-group battery back to recharge time is greatly reduced.

Positive operation and positive maintenance functions
Fully consider the effective utilization of user space; modular design and positive maintenance, greatly reducing the machine fault repair time, improve the availability of UPS.

High-security dual-city power input
According to the actual use of electricity at the scene with dual input or single city power input, so that the user's power supply to be more secure protection.

Rich remote monitoring tools
It provides RS232 / RS485 and Intelligent Slot communication interface. It can load the CMC card and WebPower card of the company to realize the remote management and monitoring function. It also provides the AS400 card to provide the dry contact interface, Flexible options for a variety of monitoring needs.

High-performance DSP processor
All-digital Ti high-performance DSP control technology, so that accurate data processing quickly, the output performance will be more excellent, more improved reliability.

Excellent electrical performance
The machine efficiency up to 93%; ECO mode, the efficiency of up to 98% or more, reducing the power consumption of UPS.
It is designed to meet the requirements of China's power grid, providing a wide input voltage range of 210VAC ~ 475VAC. Can be applied to harsh grid environment. Excellent input frequency range to adapt to the UPS generator and other different power supply equipment.
IGBT frequency modulation intelligent rectification inverter technology, input power factor up to 0.99, input current harmonics as low as 3%; output voltage and current performance is more excellent.
Powerful overload capacity: 110-125% of the load can be normal operation for 10 minutes; 125-150% of the load can be normal operation for 1 minute and has the output short circuit protection.

More flexible battery configuration
3C3 EX Series UPS can adjust the number of batteries (32, 30, or 28) for each group by modifying the parameter settings, by which you can flexibly adjust the number of battery packs in the battery pack Of the battery to be removed, so as to effectively solve the problem of individual battery damage may result in the whole group of battery life impact issues.

Technical Parameters:


3C3 EX 20KS

3C3 EX 30KS

3C3 EX 40KS

Rated Capacity

20KVA / 16KW

30KVA / 24KW

40KVA / 32KW





40-70Hz (50Hz and 60Hz adaptive)

Phase line

Three-phase four-wire + ground



Enter the power factor

﹥ 0.99

Dual mains input

stand by



Valve - regulated lead - acid battery

Standby time

The number of external batteries shall prevail



220 × (1 ± 1%) VAC


50 / 60Hz

Phase line

Three-phase four-wire + ground

Rated output power factor


Overload capacity

125% 10 min

150% 1 min


Utility model


Battery mode


ECO mode


Fan intelligent speed




Chinese / English UPS status and operating instructions

Input voltage, output voltage, current, frequency, battery voltage and charge and discharge current value, fault display, fault, warning


UPS operation status

Warning device

BUZZER sound and light flashing double display

Communication Interface

RS232, AS400, RS485, Service, EPO, battery temperature compensation interface, intelligent slot

Operating environment




≤ 93% '(40 ± 2) ℃, no condensation'


net weight


/ RTI & gt;

/ RTI & gt;

Gross weight


Lt; / RTI & gt;


Appearance size W * D * H (mm) (host)




The company is committed to scientific and technological innovation, and constantly provide better products for customer needs, product design, technical specifications are updated without notice. Products to prevail in kind.

Shan special standardized service system
Hill special rooted in China more than 20 years, uphold 'Quality first, and strive to customer satisfaction ' The establishment of a comprehensive, high-quality, standardized customer service system. 800-830-3938, 400-830-3938Free consultation telephone, the first time for the user Q & A; pre-sale, Hill has a first-class technical team to the user's power environment and equipment requirements, to provide personalized power solutions; ups After the sale, the mountain will send professionals for the user to conduct practical training and many other aspects, and maintain close contact with the user, at any time to respond to user requirements.Service stations throughout the country will regularly for the user's equipment testing and maintenance. Users in the use of the product, any problems encountered, Hills guarantee 48Hour response, and provide timely and high-quality maintenance services.
Over the years, Sande has been that customers provide first-class services to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises as the goal, with the industry's good reputation and distribution units to establish a good and close relations of cooperation, training a large number of well-trained professional and technical services personnel , The service system is being perfected at present has been established in the country 8A maintenance and spare parts center, the major, the city has 33Directly under the customer service stations, maintenance outlets have reached 84One, Hills special service footprints all over the country.
In addition, Hill also set up in Shenzhen, the country's largest technical training centers, technical staff around the regular professional training and strict assessment. At present, each repair shop authorized repair engineers. For each repair outlets, in addition to equipped with first-class Maintenance, testing equipment, the more long-term with adequate maintenance of spare parts, comprehensive services to ensure high-quality, high efficiency.
Three-year warranty
, The purchase of Hills ups And batteries purchased from the Hills Corporation (used in mountain special long delay ups On) can enjoy a three-year warranty service.
, More than the warranty period ups , Customers can still enjoy the company's perfect after-sales service Hills.
In order to users in a timely manner, easy access to after-sales service, Hills ups No matter where you buy Santo ups , Can be to your nearest customer service department or service station and have joined UNPROFOR authorized dealer for service
Inspection services
Shan special customer service personnel will be based on user needs inspection services, the sale ups Maintenance and repair, identify problems, on-site settlement.
Inspection content
Detection of power supply environment and ups The use of
provide ups The use of the report
Site answers to questions and user training
provide ups Optional proposal
All over the country's service network
Each service station is equipped with a wealth of practical experience and professional skills of the maintenance staff, and adequate product spare parts to solve the remote areas and traffic problems of the maintenance of the user's network address please click here.
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Hill opened 800, 400Free hotline, user-friendly services, products, technology, business and other issues for consultation; users can call the hotline at any time to address in the ups Purchase, use and maintenance of the process encountered in the relevant issues.
Provide website consultation /Expert answers mailbox; Expert mailbox: StkService @ eatoncom
Service Hotline: 800-830-3938, 400-830-3938
Hour rapid response system (limit 6KVA the above)
(Including) the above machine failure, as long as you and the mountain company to get in touch, the city 24Hour response, field 48Hour response, enjoy the mountain fast and accurate professional services.

(For the specific requirements of industry users, the company may be Hills on specific projects to provide special service commitments. Hills special commitment to the above services have the final interpretation)