DLC18 special sponge sandpaper polished

DLC18 special sponge sandpaper polished

Product description:

Sponge sandpaper using a production technology developed by foreign production, and its use is life today occupies an irreplaceable position, whether it is industry grinding, shipbuilding or furniture or automotive industry uses quite broad.

Sandpaper sponge cavernous chosen as the basic material for silicon carbide, corundum, silicon carbide, white fused alumina, etc. as an abrasive, sand-planting application of unique synthetic formulation technology made manufacturing. It has a strong adhesive force and cutting of Unique wear resistance, soft sponge sandpaper grit and products mentioned surface friction play an effective warm, so as to effectively avoid the sand scratches on the product, whether your product is uneven or scarred, sponges, sandpaper can be effective make your product to mirror effect.

For example: Nokia / Nokia cell phone case, iphone / apple cell phone case, Samsung / Samsung cell phone case, etc., and can play for PC, PC + GF, PC + ABS, aluminum and so on material surface scratches, mirror treatment best The effect can be chosen using grit complete!

Sponge sandpaper grit: P320-P400 P500-P600 P600-P800 P800-P1000 P1200-P1500 P2000-P2500 P3000-P4000 15089193680 Chen Mingnan!!