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China sponge sandpaper factory

China sponge sandpaper factory
  • China sponge sandpaper factory
  • China sponge sandpaper factory
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China, Zhuhai Italian into sandpaper sponge production base has many years of experience and deep-funded advanced technology. Our long-term commitment to research and development as the core technology grinding, specializing in the production of sponge sandpaper polished while also according to customer requirements tailored to customers various types of products such as: double-sided sponge sandpaper, sandpaper disc sponge, sponge sandpaper strips of different sizes and different abrasive polishing products.

DLC sandpaper sponge special sponge body as a substrate coated with a layer of synthetic plant through various ores resin glue and then, depending on the material of the products we choose to mix targeted deployment of ore production, so that all the different materials products through processing to achieve a multiplier effect. use in the process is also more appropriate and convenient, it has all the characteristics of wet and dry grinding two Gengjian has appropriate elasticity, whether you need to processed products is scarred, still uneven, It can be quickly dealt with properly to achieve the effect of processing. have the same product more than their peers all have a cutting of powerful, high efficiency, long life and other advantages of anti-clogging, it is the best choice to replace foreign products.

The dimensions, specifications and so have complete.

Standard Size: 140 * 114 * 5430 * 1077 * 5500 / box.

Common size: P500-P600, P800-P1000, P1200-P1500

DLC sponge sand: 1200 # -1500 # 140 * 114 * 5 inches (Green) 500 / box

DLC15 series sponge sand: 800 # -1000 # 140 * 114 * 5 'inch (Green) 500 / box

DLC18 series sponge sand sheet: 500 # - 600 # 140 * 114 * 5 'inch (Green) thick 500 / box
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