tigo / KINGTIGER S300 120G SSD solid state drives | desktop laptop hard drive | Cheap

tigo / KINGTIGER S300 120G SSD solid state drives | desktop laptop hard drive | Cheap

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name £ TIGO/Jin Teck S300 120G
  • Hard drive capacity: 120GB
  • Interface: SATA 3
  • Size: 2.5 inches
  • After-sales service: the whole country
  • Brand: TIGO/Jin Teck
  • Model: S300 120G
  • Condition: brand new

Non-original, not Tigo!! Kim g stick with ' original print, creating quality SSD', why 15 storage industry veteran manufacturers, Jin Teck pursuit of excellence in product quality, on the SSD product line using ' original print ' resist ' black ' and ' white ' shoddy parable that's bad. Thank you for choosing quality and performance guaranteed gold Tektronix brand SSD solid state drive

Golden Tech series SSD specifications

Capacity 60 GB 120 GB 240 GB~256 GB 128 GB
Model S300-60G S300-120G S300-240G T-one 240G S510-256G S510-128G
Read speed * 350 MB/s 460 MB/s 500 MB/s 500 MB/s 500 MB/S 520 MB/s
Hard disk type Solid state drives (SSD)
For your operating system Windows7/8/8.1/10&OS x and other systems, Do not recommend installing the Windows XP operating system
The hard disk specifications 2.5-inch (7mm mm thickness, suitable for desktop computers, Super and notebook)
Use range Desktop computers, notebook computers and super (please consult the official Apple computer customer service)
Hard disk interface SATA III 6Gbits/s (backward compatible with SATA I and SATA II 3Gbits/s 1.5Gbits/s)
Flash type MLC NADA Flash particle (T-ONE TLC original Flash)
Other performance Support TRIM
Overall dimensions: 100x69.85x7mm
Warranty period: 30 day quality approval, mspro, a three-year warranty
* Hard disk read speed testing different hardware environments, if in doubt consult the store customer service