Bone Saw TJ-260

Bone Saw TJ-260

Product description:


1. The planar body design, stainless steel seal plate, in line with food hygiene and ease of cleaning .

2. Stainless steel door, special surface treatment, easy to clean and maintain .

3. saws with pressure tensioning device, easy to install and adjust saw band .

4. Saw belt stabilizing device, cutting saw with a stable does not walk when

5. The thickness adjusting plate to strengthen the design, easy to adjust the processing thickness, will not shake when you move .

6. strut design with safety, improve work safety.

7. The machine good waterproof, easy to clean, safe and sanitary.

8. horsepower

Specifications :

Voltage : 380V

Horsepower -1.5 HP

Table size -730x600mm

Cutting height / width -270mm / 220mm

Saw band length -1900mm

Machine size -730x600x1550mm

Weight -110KG


1. The fine-tuning device

2. Slide the table

3. tin tripod with wheels