Bone Saw JY-250S

Bone Saw JY-250S

Product description:

The machine uses a small wheel design, light and easy to use, fast

Up and down wheel design, easy to adjust, easy to clean

A unique way of bearing fixed blade, smooth operation

Screw tensioning mechanism, convenient and reliable

Selection of imported saw blade, long life cutting effect

Low power, high safety factor

Machine is suitable for cutting fresh and frozen fish, etc.

Suitable for families, small food factories, small supermarkets and other small-scale processing enterprises to use

Technical Parameters

Voltage : 220V

Power : 0.75Kw

Speed ​​: 15m / s

Table size : 390 * 500mm

Opening size : 210 * 190mm

Machine size : 480mm ( length ) * 590mm ( width ) * 860 (H ) mm

Machine weight : 42Kg

Blade size : Swedish special food Blade 1650 * 16