Large meat grinder TJ-533

Large meat grinder TJ-533

Product description:

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High power output power, by gear box provides a complete safety equipment, no noise, mechanical modular favor quick service .

A large tray loaded meat, meat adjustable aperture hole out .
Stainless steel, imported from Germany and Italy reamer cutting plate longer life better, power, gear, high efficiency, fast, modular design makes the device more compact and convenient maintenance.
Meat grinder head easily removable, fine mold design, beautiful machine modeling, curve and smooth, easy to clean.

Tool use imported raw materials from Germany

Horsepower : 11HP

Diameter : 130mm
Size : 780 * 1250 * 1250
Capacity 1500 ~ 2000kg

Weight : 135KG
Meat imported from Germany Siemens motor pole three networks