Meat grinder TJ-433

Meat grinder TJ-433

Product description:

Purpose: The mountain of meat-like pieces, there are three networks pole type.

System: Unger System Transmission Horsepower: 5.5HP, gear motors, motors for the European import Siemens, CE compliant Transmission: direct drive, no belts no chain, torque

Meat screw conveyor tube + + + nut material mechanical surface: Sus 304 mechanical surface treatment: sandblasted glass matte treatment to avoid visual fatigue caused by prolonged

Twist Network: Switzerland imports, double reamer: Germany imported motor overload automatic stop automated regression and functional three network transmission pole, single-pole-type grid comparison:

Mining coarse - medium - thin three twist mesh cutting, saving ground meat thin and beautiful, time is shortened, the meat is not perishable

Double-sided knife: two-sided cutter, cutting a total of four double-sided cutting mining, more time and effort than the single-pole type cutting, ground meat and more beautiful

Machine size: 500 (L) * 800 (W) * 1000 (H)

Twisted mesh size: 98mm

Switch: waterproof silicone sleeve

Yield: above zero twist net with 6mm whichever 800-1000kgs / hr

-7 ℃ to 0 ℃, twist net with 6mm whichever 500-700kgs / hr

Motor: 3P 380V 50HZ Speed: 200 RPM

Horsepower: 5.5HP

Refrigerated meat ground meat Size: 80x80x (unlimited height or length) mm (WxDxH)

Frozen ground meat meat Size: 40x40x150mm (wxDxH)